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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

It seems that when youngsters start smoking these days they grab the e-cig rather than tobacco cigarettes.

It is not so much about a nicotine hit they are after, but the flavours of e cig vape juice, whatever you want to call vape flavours. So it is absolutely not true that we are going to see a nicotine explosion amongst teens and adolescents.

You know that e-cigarettes are devices which are powered by rechargeable batteries. They heat up the liquids which in turn produces vapours.  Hence the word vaping has crept in the language to distinguish it from cigarette smoking.

It is a misconception that the younger generation automatically get a nicotine hit as there are many flavours that have no nicotine in them at all.
A recent study has shown that e-cigarettes are much safer than tobacco ones, but benefits are only shown if the smoker gives up cigarettes completely.  In fact, the benefits of vaping are the same as giving up cigarettes completely.  The latter is difficult to do with patches or chewing gums designed to give a nicotine hit.

The hope is that youngsters who start vaping do not go on to smoke tobacco cigarettes in the future. A combination of the two will seriously harm health in later life.  As already said above, vaping is fairly safe so long as a person sticks to them alone.

So you can see that levels of nicotine, although addictive will stay the same if you only vaped, but other carcinogens found in tobacco are diminishing markedly.

Although in an ideal world not smoking anything is preferable, you can prevent cancers if you are just a vaper.  The odd thing is that in the UK the medical profession sees vaping as the lesser of two evils, whilst in the States doctors are quietly alarmed about people taking up e-cigarettes at an increased rate.

Moreover, it is said that the vapour from the latter reduces second hand smoke exposure for people around vapers.

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