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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Tour of Chelsea Fan club stadiums

Chelsea club one of the famous some of the sports fanatics derive a different meaning to this and when they think they have got a chance to visit the place what better way to plan a complete day at the stadium while you are in London city.

Chelsea and fan club stadium tours
The Chelsea fan club is a guided tour open to the general public this is only way to put your foot forward to the hall of fame, as people almost say this club is worshipped and the club is comprised of priceless players. The tour conducted is the guided one which is about an hour long and during this tour you will be taken across each and every aspect that is of importance and must be showcased to the world. While you might think it just to be an ordinary one but the part which stands out the most is the fact that you will be taken to the reserved areas. Places that are revered by the football fans and the ones prohibited to the general public but open for the players along the way as you pass quite a number of stands. One of them is the press area where the players officially address the media and the journalist. The other area is the dressing area where probably players take it as their home or dressing area to cheer themselves up, discuss strategies or may be use the rest station while the game is on , this is not all as there are tunnel areas as well along with dug out areas in here used by the players.

While the tour is on there is also a museum in there where you can see the timelines of the Chelsea club how this place has evolved over the years since the time this establishment was created and what does the galleries have to say about those bygone years. Few of my friends who were staying at the Park Grand Hotel in Lancaster Gate London are a huge fan of the Chelsea club and they just took the whole day till the guards permitted them as they went through each and every artefact put at display for the common public, while they came back they were just overwhelmed at the way this club had evolved from just being a team to the brand as they stand together.

As he guides tell you the stories you are taken though the times and also you relate to those faster they are knowledgeable and they know it like the back of their hand  for people who are not interested in sports it is educative , the things that they come to know is beyond their imagination and hence it becomes one of the truly remarkable experience.

One of the interesting tours is about the ex- players where we could get a glimpse on their life, living and working styles there are certain  things which were known to the world and which have been preserved  within these walls  for the people who love these heroes.

My friend who has been living at the Lancaster Gate Hotel had tried to go for this museum but he wasn’t satiated as he had many questions, therefore he approached the organisers who on conducting a personalised tours and then they were introduced to the Platinum tours which is worth every penny spent they tried to take very few people the  size of groups can be two to ten and given a chance they can ask any amount of questions each one of it will be addressed with equity. They thoroughly enjoyed this trip and it was a lot more meaningful one for the sports fanatics who worship this club.

Prices and Opening Times
The place is open on all the days of the week irrespective of a Sunday and the place  starts receiving public from half past nine in the morning till the five in the evening and there is a minimalistic fee levied on all the guests for adults the charges are different and for kids the charges are different along with that there are tours which go out after every two hours in a day. The tours start from ten in the morning and goes on till four in the evening and then you can book yourself in one of the tours that are on throughout this time slot.

While entry to the museum is also starting from half past nine in the morning until five in the morning, it might take you some time therefore they have kept the last entry to the museum till half past four in the evening.

Venue Details
The venue of this stadium is the Stamford Bridge which is located in the central London one of the busiest places in the city, the place has a number of good places and nice places to stay for the travellers and tourists like the Lancaster hotels.

As you have come to visit one of the famous and loved fan club you cannot go empty handed there are merchandise shops from where you can either buy a jersey to fit yourself and on any occasions if you are lucky enough to  cheer for the club you stand a chance to wear those and strut like a peacock. There are facilities for people to shop online as the merchandise can be delivered at their doorstep; also they have gift cards of variety of denominations available which can be gifted to your loved ones. What better way than gifting these gift cards to your friends and followers who are ardent fans of the club a memorable memento.

The place can be reached by either on your vehicle or you can take public transport like the tubes or the buses. The nearest tube station to this place is the Fulham bridge and the distance is walkable you should try taking the over ground stations to be able to walk to the stadium premises.

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