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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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The Ten Most alluring London Facts to Know

Here you have the top ten royal facts regarding the city of London. This has been the place for the English and the British monarchs for centuries and this is the loveliest place where you can stay with the perfect passion and zeal. In London it is time to start with the Buckingham Palace garden house. At the place you would love to see the collection of the mulberry trees. The entire palace is being constructed at the site of King James I. The Mulberry Garden was planted in the year 1600 and the attempt was made in order to rear silk worm within the garden arena.

You can visit the top London scenes from the destination of Budget London Hyde Park hotel. From here you can tour to visit the Buckingham Palace. The place was used to host the Queen’s Banquets and this was also the place to visit the heads of the state. The palace consists of the lavish affairs and this involves 4000 pieces of the dinner service. The list will also include the set of the bagpipers and each of the guests is served with six glasses and even the eleven pieces of cutlery. All things are arranged with sharp precision.

There is even the structure of the Royal Mews in London and the place belongs to the original King Mews at the destination of the Charing Cross. This is the place where the royal hawks were kept from the time of 1377 and the name mews has been derived from the factual source that was confined at the time of moulting. The building got destroyed in the year 1534 and the place was reconstructed as the stables. However, the name Mews was still retained. In the recent time things were shifted to the present location.

One can even visit for the reason of Handel’s Music and things were done for the Royal Fireworks and this was made of the firework display at the Green Park. The event took place in the April of 1749. This was for the first time played in public and the rehearsal was done at the Vauxhall Park a few days before. The firework was displayed for the reason of celebration and this was displayed with the singing of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle just at the end of the war and this happened after the Austrian Succession. In fact, the event took place with the best of zeal and passion.

There is even the presence of the Clarence House and the edifice was built in the year 1827. The design of the same was suggested by John Nash and this was considered to be the new London home of George III. He is the third son of Prince William Henry and he was the Duke of Clarence and his wife was named as Adelaide. Nash made several alterations to the edifice and the original plan was executed with the best of efficiency. The final cost of the same was £22,232 and the amount was more than double of what has been initially quoted.

In London it is great to watch the State Apartments of the St. James Palace and this consists of the absolutely intriguing fireplace and the same was built during the period of Henry VIII. On one side you can find the initials ‘HA’ and this stands for Henry and Annie. However, after the completion of the fireplace poor Annie was no more there. Thus, you can see only the initial H at the right hand side of the fireplace. This is the most wonderful place you can watch and feel the nostalgia attached with the same.

In London you can cross the bridge which is built over the lake in the St. James Park and in the present time it is known as The Blue Bridge. The predecessor was the same was extremely ornate and the same was built in the year 1814. The bridge was constructed to celebrate the occasion of the end of war with France. Here you can watch for the sizeable Chinese pagoda and at one point of time it was burnt down and in the event one person was killed and the rest were injured. This is a great site for you to watch and experience at the same time.

To know about the ten facts about royal London it is time to take accommodation at Park Grand Paddington Hotel. In London you find millions of tourists coming to the city to have a look at the Whitehall. Here you can discover the network of tunnels and even the passages that help in linking the government buildings and can even carry the communications cables and for the reason the business of the government can be done at all times of the year. This also includes the events of the national emergency.

There is even the Palace of Whitehall and it was built for Henry VIII and he was the king who liked to play so hard. This is the specific green area for bowling and you can even find an indoor tennis court at the place. The place has also the cock fighting pit and it is interesting and great to watch the events one after another once you plan for a visit at the Palace of Whitehall. The palace even has a tiltyard used for jousting. In the year 1611 the palace is known to host the first performance of The Tempest by Shakespeare.

The last but not the least is the Westminster Abbey’s museum and here you can find the exceptional wax work museum of London. Here you can find the wax figures of the monarchs and nearly all of them are found to wear the traditional attires. These were statues were used at the time of funerals. The statues were kept on the top of the royal tombs or they were even paraded before the casket. Some of them were even made from the death masks and this was the sort of the plaster cast and this was made with the deceased’s face and this happened just after the death of the monarch.

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