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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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The Five of the Most Wonderful Things You can Enjoy in the City of London

There are some of the best things for you to try out with the kids in London. In fact, this is the place where you can spend the whole day with the kids and family. This is the best place where you can pay the best honour to the princess and feel so special. Princess Diana is honored with the construction of the Memorial Playground for the children. There is the legacy of play and love that is waiting for you on the huge wooden pirate ship. In fact, this is the ship to protect those who are ready to sail on the same.

The pirate ship is filled with the scultures and the toys and the item can indeed inspire your sense of creativity and there is plenty of sitting arrangements for the parents. The pirate ship comes with the personal beach and this is sure to help you with the best of adventure. Just adjacent to the ship you have the open wonderland for the childern. This was opened on 30th June 2000. The playground was buillt in the memory of the late princess. More than one lakh visitors come to the free playground every year. In fact, the kids love to make the most of the place by exploring and dashing through the playground.

Natural History Museum

It is real pleasure to enjoy the museums of London with the kids. You have some of the best museums in this part of the world and you can easily visit these places by making a stay at the the Piccadilly London West End Hotel. There are more than 24 museums in the city of London. You can visit the places and make the kids learn the list of amazing stuffs. You can start with the British Museum and here at the place you can start retracing the history of mankind.

There is even the Natural History Museum and this is the place for you to discover the fascinating natural exhibits like the skeleton of the dianosaurs and the model of the giant blue whale. Your next destination would be the National Gallery and here you can discover more trhan 2000 paintings and these belong to the Middle Ages. You can even move to the science museum with the kids and this is the place where one can explore through the interactive displays. Here, at the museum you should make the kids see the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket.

It is time for you to take the kids with you for a walk along the South Bank. This will at best make you comrehend the scene of River Thames and you can even take part in the activities along the bank of the river. In fact, this is considered to be the best walk in the whole of the London city. You can start with the walk at the Tower Bridge and you can walk along the Shad Thames by the destination of the City Hall. Then it is time for you to visit the Borough Market.

The Borough Market stays open on the Fridays and Saturdays and here you can taste from the snacks at the lunch time and them move down to the river. At the time you can even pass through the Golden Hinde and now you can arrive at the Tate Modern. This is the place where you can sit at the bar and from the place you can view the couple of paintings before you take the next move. Then you can reach to the Gabriel’s Wharf and you can even take a look at the little shops and feel elated to see at the collection at the place.

Somerset House london

Somerset House is a must watch destination in London and this is the place where you can decide to spend time with the kids. Somerset House is considered to be the massive neoclassical building and it is located on the southern side of the Strand in the central part of London and it perfectly overlooks River Thames just on the eastern side of the Waterloo Bridge. The building is treated as the site of the Tudor palace and the same was designed by Sir Williams Chambers in the year 1776.

The building can best extend the Victorian wings to both the eastern and the western directions in the year 1831 and also in the year 1856. The Eastern Wing forms the portion of the adjacent Strand campus of the destination of the King’s College London. It is best to visit the place once you can avail for accommodation Piccadilly London. If you visit London you cannot miss the chance to be at the Somerset House. At the House you can watch out for the major art forms and there are more things you can admire at the place with the best of interest.

Ceremony of the Keys is the special event in London and you can attend the occasion along with your kids and feel so elated. This is the best occassion to take place every night at Tower of London. The event continues from the time of the 14th century. This is the time when the chief Yeoman Warder completely dressed in the Tudor Watchcoat will meet the military escort and this includes the members of the Tower of London Guard. The party at the place is being halted by the sentry and they are always happy to have proper self identification.

The Ceremony of the Keys take place at the Royal palace and this is known to be the footsteps echo in the darkness. The centry here will cry out “Halt” and the Yeoman Warder will reply ‘The keys.’ ‘Whose keys?’ ‘Queen Elizabeth’s keys.’ ‘Pass then, all’s well.’ In fact, there are more things you can watch out in the course of the ceremony or the event and feel best at the place. For the kids this is a rare scene to happen and they can enjoy every moment of the event with the adults at the place so perfectly decorated and decked for the reason.

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