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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Start Off with A Simple Vaping Pen

To start vaping you will have to go through trial and error to hit upon a juice that you will like.  There are many flavours with different ratios of ingredients and apart from the right flavour you also need to find the best vape for you.

Before you buy Vape e liquid you need to know that they are sold in different price ranges. To buy good liquid you should not buy the cheapest you find, but go for a brand that has received good reviews.

All juices have roughly the same ingredients but cheaper brands may have some flavourings that could be inferior.

Apart from flavourings they also contain PG, VG and of course nicotine if you need it. If you should choose a well-respected manufacturer you can be assured that the quality is high which cannot be said of individuals on the internet who produce their own liquid for sale to the public.
The PG content in the juice produce a good throat hit if that is that you were used to. Although this ingredient is safe to use, it nevertheless can produce an allergic reaction in susceptible people. If you are one of these you may have to use only VG as an alternative.

VG produces more vapour so more clouds.  If you are fine with PG and you would like a throat hit as well as clouds, a mixture of the two would be ideal for you.

E cigarettes are much better for you than tobacco if you buy the right juice. But which one will give you the best vape? If you have just taken them up it is best to start off with a simple device.  These are the disposable ones.

You will be able to find out whether vaping is for you. Simple devices will give you a decent smoke. There are juice flavours that mimic the taste of tobacco cigarettes and others that are fruit flavoured.

Once you have decided that vaping is for you, you can then switch to a more complicated device.

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