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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Scrotum Skin Tags – Everything You Need To Know

Skin tags might not be terribly harmful to the body, but they can cause distress and insecurity for the afflicted. These small growths that can appear on or under folds of skin are common ailments that laser clinics in Bolton and Northern England are often hired to get rid of. Patients can find themselves uncomfortable or worried as to their positioning on the body.

One of the most irritating body parts on which to find a skin tag growing is on the scrotum or crotch area. As well as diminishing one’s confidence, this can also put the patient in danger of cuts or discomfort, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most common areas treated by skin tag and wart removal clinicians. Below is everything you need to know about scrotal skin tags, and how and when to deal with them.

Why On The Scrotum?

Skin tags develop on the body in places where skin folds are present, often occurring due to external layers of skin rubbing against each other. The scrotum is an area full of folds and prone to sweat and therefore can become susceptible to skin tags. Skin tags on the groin can be especially uncomfortable and due to it’s proximity to the leg joints and items of clothing, can catch on zippers, become infected and generally cause more pain than those on other parts of the body.

That being said, skin tags are usually harmless and don’t have any effect on the body except for the cosmetic, any discomfort is usually mild. That’s why they’re the perfect candidate for skin tag removal at cosmetic clinics.

Who’s Susceptible to Scrotal Skin Tags?

Skin tags can occur on all body types but are most frequent for sufferers of the below ailments and conditions.

Diabetes Sufferers

Diabetes sufferers and those who have a resistance to insulin are, according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, more likely to develop skin tags. Whilst research is still ongoing into this area, those suffering from these conditions should check regularly for abnormal growths on their body.

HPV Sufferers

HPV is a virus that can cause warts and growths on the skin. Verrucas are a member of the HPV family, as is the sexually transmitted disease Herpes. HPV could be linked to more regular production of skin tags on the body.

Obesity Sufferers

Those with weight problems will be more likely to develop skin tags on account of the fact that they have more folds on their body. The folds of skin where sweat can accumulate can be prime habitats for skin tags, and the area around the scrotum is especially at risk when paired with more fat.

How To Treat A Scrotal Skin Tag

There are three main methods that dermatologists will use when removing a skin tag. The first is by excision, using a pair of scissors to cut off the tag. If it’s too large or might cause too much bleeding, then cryotherapy might be implemented. This involves using a chemical solution to freeze off the excess skin from its base. Cauterization is another popular method, in which high temperatures are used to burn off the skin tag.

The method that suits you is entirely dependent on the size and placement of the skin tag. Most of the time, a local anaesthetic will be used to minimise pain.

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