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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Piccadilly Through The Eyes Of A Shopper

London is one of the most exciting city in the world for one to go on a shopping spree, with a majority of them right in Piccadilly, London. This is because Piccadilly is situated exactly in the heart of the city of London. It is surrounded with the best shops to indulge in, every where your eyes can see. It is also considered as one of the best places for shopping because it provides you with a variety of shopping options for you to choose from, and the options for you to choose from are just bountiful, that you will be spoilt for choice.

You get all of your requirements right here in Piccadilly itself, without looking elsewhere. Make it your first choice, and you will reach the peak of satisfaction, where you do not look else where. Everything is made available to you in abundance, right from the upmarket department stores to the chains of high end quality malls found in Piccadilly. There is no better way than to go on your shopping spree by relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating your self at the all popular Piccadilly London West End Hotel, with their special services  and hospitality for all travelers, tourists and natives as well, who wish to do their shopping in this promising Shopping square.

Shopping in London

Read on to get an overview of the best shopping options available right here in Piccadilly, London.

Coventry street:

You will find Coventry Street in the heart of the West End in London. This makes it one of the best exciting places to shop at, as it is located in the intersection which connects the two busiest areas of London, which are the Piccadilly Circus and the Leicester Square. With the bustling crowds diving in and out of the streets, it is also one of the liveliest streets in London City. It always seems to be busy and full of life. This street is also well connected with the rest of London city as it is connected to the underground stations which are the Piccadilly Circus Tube Station and the Leicester Square Tube Station. It is also connected with the Charing Cross railway station and the Victoria Railway Station. You can also get to Coventry Street by the Leicester Square Master Park which is just one minute away, and the Brewer Street NCP which is just three minutes away.  You can watch the city come alive right from the luxurious Piccadilly London West End Hotel. You will discover that Coventry Street gives you all of your shopping options with the perfect blend of the current cultures as well as the traditional cultures of London. So explore the Coventry Street and shop till you drop.

Regent Street:

If you are on the look out for a shopping square which is rich in innovations and creativity as well as embedded in years of history and tradition, then the Regent Street is the most exclusive shopping option for you. You can meet al of your shopping desires right here. From Vintage finery to the most luxurious and priceless watches for your sweetheart to the cutest of toys for your kids, you get them all here on Regent Street. The shops on Regent Street are the most beloved when it comes to shopping, that they give the other shopping establishments in London City, a run for their business. Just in one shopping spree on this road, you can satisfy all of your requirements whether it is some sporty shoes and gear to the most luxurious high tech gadgets that have hit the market.

Regent Street in london

Lower Regent Street:

The Lower Regent Street, just like the upper Regent Street, is well known for all the finery and most luxurious personal shopping experience it can give to a shopper. On this road, you get the world class fashion options to choose from, whether it is the most gorgeous pencil pumps or those newest fashionable nail tipped high heels. This street transforms you in to a complete fashionista diva. Explore your sexy side by trying out the attest summer and winter wardrobe collections on the market. You get them all here, from funky jewelry to utensils and bags. The Regal Pall Mall is one of the best when it comes to shopping. They also come with a variety of some of the top brands for you to choose from, that you will be in a complete dilemma of which ones to walk out with. The lowest Regent Street is also one of the busiest shopping squares all year around.


Piccadilly is also well known all over the world for its amazing shopping options where you get everything with various brands and products to choose from. All of you book worms, looking for the best and latest novels in the market, Piccadilly road offers it all to you at very reasonable prices too, you get book stores with all of your latest fiction and novels by the top authors and novelists all here. Piccadilly features the largest Bookshop in the whole of Europe. This is also a one stop shopping square for all of your sports gear. Sample some of the finest food, whether it is some luxurious dining or just street food stuffs, much on all those goodies, while you shop. On Piccadilly road, you get all kinds of shops for all age groups in your family, tastes, and budgets. Piccadilly features the two most important shopping stores which are the Fortnum and Mason.  The Piccadilly Street is one of the most affluent streets in London and it is well known for its large chain of book stores, fashion stores, and jewelry stores. What makes this shopping square even more exciting is that it is located in a prime spot, and it is also adjacent to Regent Street. So when you have explored and exhausted all of your shopping options on this street, you can go on to explore that on Regent Street.

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