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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Luxurious Things to do in London

Luxurious Things to do in London

Everyone dreams of being rich and having plenty of money to splurge on luxury items but there are very few who can actually turn their dreams into reality either by being born rich, or having achieved wealth or even having opulence thrust over them. In any case, if you are rich and would like to shop for the most expensive things, the best place to visit is London. However, each person derives pleasure in his own way depending on his own taste and preference and London offers a plethora of options to suit each taste.

Eating and Drinking: The basic weakness of most people is good, delicious food and exotic drinks for which there are plenty of expensive options available in London. If you like to enjoy an exotic cocktail, the Playboy Club’s bar, Calabrese, and Movida are ideal places as they offer cocktails such as Salvatore’s Legacy, a cocktail that uses spirits from the 18th century and costs around a few thousand pounds. Master mixologists create the best cocktails out of the oldest spirits. At some places such as the Park Lane Club you can splurge about eight thousand pounds for nebuchadnezzars of champagne. Harrods offers the Krug Trunk featuring bubbly in a trunk for about four times that price. If you like whisky, you can get a 50-year old Highland Park for close to a thousand pounds while Remi Martin cognac is available at close to double that price.

Stay in an Expensive Hotel Suite: For luxurious accommodation, the best option is to stay at the top suite at Hotel Grand Royale Hyde Park London that offers the best facilities and most personalised services while being located in close proximity to most attractions of central London.

For delicious food, London has several expensive options such as a variant of Buddha Jumps over the Wall soup that is made with shark’s fin and an abalone soup that cost quite a lot. You can enjoy some delicious cakes made by luxury cake masters at the restaurants of five star hotels. For coffee lovers, the most expensive option is the wild luwak coffee that is imported from Indonesia. Steak is also liked by many people and Kobe beef is considered to be quite expensive but for the real steaks of this beef, you would have to pay a few hundred pounds. For a really fulfilling meal, you can eat at one of the 60 Michelin-starred restaurants in London where each meal would cost about two hundred pounds or at one of the other Best Restaurants Near Hyde Park that provide the most delicious food.

Other Expensive Things to Do: You can have a haircut at the world’s most expensive hairdressers such as Stuart Phillips or Lee Stafford; work out at a grandiose gym such as at Third Space; get a manicure; ride a chauffeur-driven car around the city; have Afternoon Tea at the Montcalm Hotel; buy an advent calendar from Harrods; and spray yourself with the most expensive perfume with an aroma called Clive Christian No. 1 Perfume, sold by Harrods.

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