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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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London Travel Guide – Money Saving Tips for your London Travel

No matter whether you are a first time visitor to the capital city of England or have travelled multiple times before a visit to London will always be fresh for all. It is rightly said that if you are tired of London you are tired of life. There is no dearth of options when it comes for a fun filled London vacation. There is a lot that you can look forward too while travelling here irrespective of your purpose of visit. However, if you really want to catch great fun without spending much then few tips and tricks are to be pondered over.

As we all know that London is one of the most visited cities in the world. With so many to see and to do you may need an advice from every angle. Mentioned below are few tips which can make your London trip simple and easy.

Attractions for Free:

You have often heard people saying that London is an expensive city, no doubt it is but at the same time there are several such things which one can do within budget. Like attending free events, witnessing free attractions and making through free walking tours etc. London boasts of housing some of the best museums in the world like the British museum, V&A, Science museum etc and the best part about these are that most of them are absolutely free to visit. These are free yet they provide ample entertainment and shall make you busy for the entire day.

Apart from these museums, attending free events like changing the guard is a must. One can even make yourself comfortable at a hotel near British Library in order to stay close to these free sightseeing.

Free Walking Tours

London is known to be an ideal city and is foot friendly. A great way to get around the city well is by foot. Put on your walking shows and you can discover the hidden gems of London. One can take up free walking tours that will help you cover prime hot spots including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament etc.

Oyster Card is a Must

Do you want to make your travelling within the city simpler and cheaper? Perhaps you can do so by getting and using an oyster card. This pre paid card saves you time as well as money. By making use of this card your trip costs you more than 50% cheaper than the actual paper ticket.

Advance Booking helps

If you really want to witness an attraction by avoiding all the queues and hassle then one must get the advance bookings done. These bookings can be made online and you may get great discounts. Even when tickets are booked in advance you get these tickets at least 10% cheaper than the actual price.

Just like tickets to famous attractions, hotels in London can also be booked in advance. The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington is an ideal stay option for all kinds of tourists.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

Some flexibility in your timings can actually save you a lot of money. One must avoid peak times especially when travelling to the capital of England. The peak times are usually during summer vacations, Christmas and New Year of course. Perhaps the best time to visit London is in the months of September and early October. During off periods the tickets are cheaper and even the streets are less crowded.

Hop On Hop Off buses are to be used

Many of you may have heard about these buses which are a kind of slow moving buses and are actually a great way to introduce you to London city. This mode of transport provides free guided information on the go. Moreover, it is an ideal way to catch a glimpse of the entire city without spending much. Other best public transport to use is London underground. It is yet another easy and less expensive way to travel.

Food Markets here are Delicious

London is all about great leisure, best of fun and entertainment and great food. There are so many amazing food markets here to count upon if you are a foodie. Borough Market is one of the favourite markets of all. At these places you can grab some quick bites for yourself and some ultimate desserts.

Best Views of the City

For those who want to grab the most splendid views of the London city they must visit The Shard and London Eye. These two are not only iconic London attractions and favourite tourist hotspots, but these are the ultimate places from where you can actually take a feel of how beautiful London city is.

Explore Best London Neighbourhoods

Have you heard about Camden Town? While you are in London you should try not to miss out on this. Camden Town is known to be the best neighbourhoods thus, allure plenty of tourists every year. There are amazing street markets here offering all kinds of shopping facilities. Moreover, the aura the place has is quite vibrant.

A Visit to South Bank

The South bank of River Thames is an ideal place for a complete family day out. It not only provides easy walking area for all but has lot of entertainment for people of all age groups. From fun filled activities for kids, to world class attractions and sightseeing the area gives it all.

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