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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Interesting facts for tourists heading to the amazing King’s Road in London’s Chelsea

Chelsea is an amazing destination to visit that is located in south west London close to the River Thames. The King’s Road is an incredibly famous part of the area that has a superb history, which makes it an interesting place to visit. It was the King’s private road until 1830 and stretches through Chelsea and Fulham. It became especially famous during the 1960s as this was where many fashionable figures such as Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood spent their time and opened shops. The bustling and lengthy road is just around less than two miles and starts at Sloane Square in the east running through the Moore Park Estate.

The King’s Road gets its name from a private road that was used by King Charles II to travel to the area of Kew. It was a private road until 1830 when other people with influence were able to use it also. Today there are numerous amazing houses that date from the early 18th century, making this a fascinating destination. This road is nowadays known for its superb shops that provide high street stores, designer brand names and unique boutiques. There are many shops that have come and gone, which residents will remember fondly. There was the Emperor of Wyoming named after a Neil Young song that has western-style clothes.

Next door was Johnsons that sold leather jackets and was frequented by those who were into music. There was also the Bluebird Garage on Beaufort Street that provided a unique building. It was one of the first garages in the capital to offer facilities for private motorists in the 1920s, and was later known as Carlyle Garages. The cinema in the area was known by a number of names including the Classic, the ABC and the Canon. There was also a brilliant destination called the Chelsea Antique Market that many locals would visit. One of the most famous places in the area was Chelsea Palace that was a music hall, theatre and cinema. It is very easy to find hotels near Saatchi Gallery that will suit first-time and seasoned guests.

The San Domenico House Chelsea London hotel is ideal for travellers heading to this part of the capital. This boutique accommodation is found close to Sloane Square and has rooms and suites that are furnished with art and antiques. The townhouse hotel has living spaces that offer modern amenities such as a digital telephone system, LCD television, DVD player and Wi-Fi internet. It offers en-suite marble bathrooms with both a bath and a shower, and travellers feel at home as soon as they arrive at this magnificent hotel accommodation.

King’s Road became famous for being associated with mod culture, and numerous fashion boutiques opened up in the hippie and punk eras. This popular road therefore began to take shape as Chelsea’s high street. There were also many record companies that were based here including one owned by band Led Zeppelin and independent label Cube Records. The road has famously been used in a song by Tom Petty, and in author Ian Fleming’s novels where his famous character James Bond lives in an unnamed square off King’s Road.

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