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Thursday , 24 June 2021
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Getting Blemish-Free Skin: How Best to Remove Skin Tags?

Want to get rid of your skin tags? Well, it’s hardly surprising. It’s certainly not a necessity to free your skin of them, but since the things can grow and so get bigger and longer, some can unfortunately twist on themselves at their base, not least when they get rub against and get caught on clothes and jewellery; inevitably leading to skin irritation, pain and even bleeding.

So, if you’ve decided you really want to get rid of you skin tags, how best to go about it…?

Removing small skin tags

For small skin tags, some practitioners rely on carefully cutting them away with a scalpel or cryotherapy; in other words, spraying the skin tag itself with a tiny amount of liquid nitrogen. The latter is non-toxic but, yes, but extremely cold; around -320°F, in fact.

Treatment lasts a few minutes, in total, and ought to result in the frozen skin tag falling off of its own natural accord after a few days. The trouble with this procedure, though, is it’ll lead to the area concerned stinging with pain for a few seconds and, usually, the area goes red and can become inflamed. It’s not unheard of for blisters or scabs to form, either.

Many people find a more satisfying alternative to be skin tag removal via laser. This sees the application of a small heated probe to the tag’s specific skin area. It removes the tag there and then; there’s no downtime with this form of treatment. Sure, the skin area in question may become and remain slightly red following treatment, but this should certainly fade after a few days, with the skin area entirely healed.

Removing larger skin tags

A good number of cosmetics experts don’t just back removal of larger skin tags via scalpel (the traditional way, as with smaller tags; as mentioned above), but also via snipping them off with small, sharp scissors following a tiny injection of a numbing agent (lidocaine) into the tag’s stalk.

The latter procedure sounds relatively simple and pain-free, yet a few specialists would probably insist, were they to perform it, of cauterising the base of the tag afterwards, which would surely result in a touch of discomfort, at the very least. The alternative many people may be tempted to pursue, then, would again be laser skin tag removal (at the likes of a laser clinic Bolton), which would involve exactly the sort of treatment as outlined above for getting rid of small tags.

Why DIY skin tag removal’s a bad idea

So, would it be totally out of the question to just quickly and efficiently remove skin tags at home, yourself, instead of forking out for a specialist to do so with their specific equipment or a laser? Well, there are good reasons why those who do this work for a living are called specialists.

They’re professionals and have been trained, so they know what they’re doing; they have the right equipment and they perform the procedures in a controlled environment (they’re likely to be wart removal Manchester experts, too). In short, these are the people you want doing the job.

The truth is that, too often, those who attempt a DIY job of skin tag removal end up doing more harm than good. Usually, it results in not just removing the stork but exposing the tag’s adjoining skin to irritation, soreness, inflammation and, worst of all, potential infection and skin issues. Not what anyone wants. By far and a way, then, the best idea is to seek the help of a specialist and, we believe, one whom offers laser skin tag removal as their favoured option.

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