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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Fun things to do for free in London

London is an expensive city, there are no second thoughts about that for sure! This tends to overwhelm many visitors when they visit the city on a maiden trip. While the reputation of London is reinforced with expensive accommodation, entertainment and dining venues, there are amazingly plenty of free things to enjoy in the city as well.

For those planning a visit on a budget, it would make perfect sense to look for any of the London Hotels Special Offers that are given by top boutique properties like the Marble Arch Suites.

Here are a few things to do in the city without having to spend any money:

Make a trip to the British Museum: The museum was established in 1753 and houses a priceless collection of more than 8 million objects from all corners of the planet. It is sponsored by the British government there are no admission charges, with the exception of special events and exhibits. If you are keen to learn about the illustrious history of Great Britain, a visit to the British Museum will be a rewarding experience!

Visit the South Bank: The section near the River Thames known as the Southbank is a draw with locals and tourists alike. It has a quaint charm to it and is extremely picturesque too. There are plenty of scenic tourist hotspots like the London Eye, the Queen’s walk (a promenade) and the London dungeon among other attractions. Take a leisurely stroll along the Southbank and enjoy the entertainment provided by the buskers especially in summer.

Enjoy the pomp and pageantry of the Changing of the Guard: The most famous symbol of Britain is undoubtedly its Royal Family. If you are an awestruck fan of the royals, it would be only befitting to watch one of the most ceremonial events of the UK, the Changing of the Guard. It is held in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace four times a week. It involves troops kitted out in traditional royal military costumes including the famous bearskin caps. It is strikingly evocative of the monarchy’s timeless glory and pomp.

Head to the summit of Parliament Hill: London is simply massive to be able to visit most of the city. A good way to grasp the city’s extensive landscape is to find a vantage point overlooking the landscape of central London. One of the best spots to grab some of the best bird’s eye views overlooking the city is from the summit of Parliament Hill. Instead of visiting the London Eye or any other paid attraction to catch breath-taking aerial views, Parliament Hill offers a free alternative.

Chill out at Kensington Gardens: If you stay at any of the Marble Arch hotels and want a breather one of the best locations to head to a stroll away is Kensington Gardens. It is calm and beautiful making it the perfect spot to enjoy some peace and quiet in this part of central London.

Get photographed with dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park: Another gem in the London downtown area is Crystal Palace, a superb location to explore when on a budget holiday. Once a Victorian pleasure spot it houses some very unique installations. These are life-size sculptures of gigantic dinosaurs sculpted by Benjamin W Hawkins, that would be perfect for selfies.

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