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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Experience Luxury And Awesomeness In London With The Help Of The Montcalm Hotels

When you are in London and you want to feel just the way this city is, you need to have the perfect bit of accommodation, isn’t it? Well, this way you can actually feel the grandness that this city holds. On top of that, choosing London to be your holiday destination is the first good thing that you have already done and to complete it, the hotels will do the rest for you. But, when you are in London and you are about to experience the so called awesomeness in everything, how come the hotels can disappoint you? That’s right, as it is said London hotel are special so once you are there you can very well understand the real reason behind it!

London is one of the most favorite places to visit among the tourists from all parts of the world. And, so, it is obvious that there must be something special about this place that makes it the most chosen one. So, what is the real reason? Is it the beautiful and captivating landscape or the parks that are so fresh that can rejuvenate you instantly or is it the sightseeing places or the royalty? Well, the list just doesn’t end there. London gives you ample opportunity for adventure, fun, shopping, gastronomical delight and much more. Even for the art lovers or someone having a neck in knowing the history of the place, London can be the perfect place to be in. In short, London has got everything that an individual can hope to see when on a tour. While London houses the entire modern infrastructure and the technology, at the same time, London also has its roots intact and in a number of places, you can see the architecture, where the royalty of this place is very well projected.

Now, when it comes to the accommodation part, London makes sure that it pleases all its guests with top class hotel rooms that are elegant and classy at the same time. Depending on your budget, you can choose the hotels accordingly. Like the Montcalm hotels can be an amazing place to seek for accommodation. These hotels not only provide you with different amenities and features but also allow you to spend your holiday in a different tone. Thus, Montcalm hotel London is one of the most sought after hotels by the tourists from all over the world. Even you can check out the reviews regarding this hotel to know more about it in details.

Out of many hotels that are available in this Montcalm group, the Montcalm Marble Arch is one of the most popular ones that have been serving its guests with all the top notch features since many years. The rooms are very tastefully decorated and all the staffs, with their service, ensure that your stay there is going to be a very special one. While all the amenities and features are the highlights, apart from that you can also become a member by joining their programs in the Montcalm club and avail various other additional features and offers. This membership is absolutely free of cost and is a part of the 5 star hotels in the Montcalm group. After your joining as a member, you will experience an amazing lifestyle there and even can take the advantage of different type of services with the likes of a personalized service and the chance of experiencing the superior products etc.

The entire process is pretty simple and all you need to do is join. Joining can be done in both ways-either online or offline. So, choose the one based on your convenience. Once you have joined, you will get the chance of earning many reward points that you can very well redeem later on. In true sense of the term, you can experience pampering and luxury during your stay in any one of this group of hotels. And, while you get all the reward points and additional privilege, you can grab the chance and enjoy some of the additional features like free international calls, and much other form of savings in your hotel bookings.

This club membership also allows you to experience different type of occasions in style. What may seem to be a pretty ordinary affair when you are doing it from your home town or even when in London, when you are under this membership package, things are very extravagant in nature!

  • Halloween: It is no doubt that Halloween brings joy and excitement and is one of the most eventful occasions that is celebrated worldwide. So, why not make it a little offbeat and try to enjoy it in Montcalm’s way? But yes, this Halloween is only for the grown-ups and so kids can get a bit disappointed. Celebration of Halloween there is very different and will not follow the traditional style. While the Witch hat is one of the most prominent things during Halloween, instead of that you will have the pleasure of experiencing and enjoying the luxury and style with a range of various amazing drinks that will just energize the whole experience all together. You will be treated with some of the most delicious platters and definitely the cookies that are being served is one of the most prominent things
  • Autumn Break: Autumn is a special time of the year especially for the romantic couples. And, while you get the chance to enjoy it in a luxurious fashion, you just cannot miss the chance, isn’t it? So, what’s the wait for? This club membership will allow you to experience the most cozy and romantic moments of your life
  • Bicester Village Champagne and Chauffeur Experience: While you want to experience shopping in London, make it a grand event by going to the amazing shopping destinations on a Chauffeur and to complete this a glass of champagne
  • Bicester Village Champagne Shopper: With the experience of staying for two nights, you get the additional package of a tour to Bicester village for some shopping experience. You will be treated like a VIP and the 10% discount on VIP cards will make the whole experience a great one.

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