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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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3 Million Can’t Be Wrong

An extensive survey six months ago discovered that 2.9 million adults were vaping in the UK. The number was increasing daily, so it must be ... Read More »

Start Off with A Simple Vaping Pen

To start vaping you will have to go through trial and error to hit upon a juice that you will like.  There are many flavours ... Read More »

Getting Blemish-Free Skin: How Best to Remove Skin Tags?

Want to get rid of your skin tags? Well, it’s hardly surprising. It’s certainly not a necessity to free your skin of them, but since ... Read More »

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

It seems that when youngsters start smoking these days they grab the e-cig rather than tobacco cigarettes. It is not so much about a nicotine ... Read More »

The Last Minute Jewellery Guide Accessories for Her

Did her birthday slip your mind? Forget your anniversary? Or, has Mother’s Day crept up on you again? Try not to panic – we’ve all ... Read More »

6 Different Types of Necklaces for Women

Ask any of the leading London jewellery brands what brings an ensemble to life and they’ll tell you, a necklace. That’s right, the humble necklace ... Read More »

Visiting London for the First Time – Things You Absolutely Cannot Miss

London is, undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in the world, popular and beautiful and rich with culture, heritage and history. Filled with ... Read More »

Bridesmaid Jewellery – Affordable Gifts Your Best Girls Will Love

Whilst it’s not expected of them, some brides choose to gift their bridesmaids with a piece of jewellery before the big day. This way, you ... Read More »

Scrotum Skin Tags – Everything You Need To Know

Skin tags might not be terribly harmful to the body, but they can cause distress and insecurity for the afflicted. These small growths that can ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get the Perfect Anniversary Ring

If you are approaching a special wedding anniversary then you may want to present your other half with an anniversary ring. These bands commemorate a ... Read More »

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