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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Architectural gems to visit in Gibraltar

Architectural gems to visit in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the Mediterranean region. It is very popular with Europeans and Britons, who visit the country in droves in the winter months to beat the cold back home. Along with incredible natural beauty, there are a lot of attractive buildings, landmarks and attractions worth visiting in Gibraltar.

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Some of the best attractions to visit in Gibraltar include:

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque: One of the most striking examples of modern Islamic architecture is the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque. Built in the period between 1995-97 it is the southernmost mosque on the European continent. Highly impressive in architecture it houses a worship hall, a library and a large area for lectures. It is located on the Southern edge of the country, before Europa Point and overlooks the north Moroccan coastline. The North African country of Morocco lies only about 13 miles away by boat.

Architectural gems to visit in Gibraltar

The Gatehouse: A part of the surviving relic of the Moorish Castle, it once served as the main entrance to the castle. As with the castle, the outer walls of the gatehouse still have the scars of attacks by its enemies. One of the reasons it was attacked time and again was of the importance of the fort in having control over Gibraltar and its impregnable defences. While only a section of the fort is open for the public to visit, there are excellent views of Africa and Spain from the top of the fort.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity: The cathedral was built in the period 1825-32, and is considered to be among the most outstanding buildings in Gibraltar. Its external appearance is more of a mosque because of the revival style of Moorish architecture, it was built in. This is mainly visible in the magnificently arched entrances. Although no damage was caused to the cathedral in the Second World War, it was badly damaged in 1951. This was due to the explosion caused on the battleship RFA Bedenham, moored in the nearby dockyard. As a result, the windows and roof of the church needed replacement.

Old Town architecture: The old town of Gibraltar located in the northeast part of the country has some of the most stunning architectural wonders. Its scenic location overlooking Algeciras town across the bay has some of the finest buildings in the area. There are old townhouses built in the Andalusian architectural style located alongside buildings with a strong English influence. These are in stark contrast to the courtyards and archways built in the Moorish style and spread all over the area.  The best way to enjoy the architectural beauty of the place is to explore the area and its backstreets on foot. You will be amazed at the amazing architecture found in the area.

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