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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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3 Million Can’t Be Wrong

An extensive survey six months ago discovered that 2.9 million adults were vaping in the UK. The number was increasing daily, so it must be safe to assume the total is now well over 3 million people.

Most professionals believe that vaping e-liquidsis far less harmful than the known consequences of tobacco use.

But it’s also fair to say that it is too early to claim that there will not be any long-term harm from vaping. It’s probably better to take up neither habit.

There is one good argument to champion vaping; it’s primary aim is to ween heavy smokers off the dreaded weed.

In both cases the addiction is the need for nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that somewhat bizarrely, is the same compound found in the deadly nightshade plant.

Smoking tobacco has only been a habit in the UK since the middle of the seventeenth century in the UK. And with drastically declining numbers today, it will almost certainly have completely died out by the end of the current century.

Vape e-liquids UK comes in many thousands of different flavours. The liquid can also contain various levels of nicotine.

This allows an ex-cigarette smoker to gradually reduce their nicotine intake to the point where even vaping becomes a distant memory.
Producers of the flavours guard their exact ingredients with much jealousy. But we do know that most of the flavours are the same used in many processed foods found in shops everywhere.

For instance, a strawberry flavoured cake or ice cream generally does not contain any actual fruit of that name. The flavouring is a chemical construction designed in some food laboratory.

New flavours are added almost daily, and the result is that there are now an estimated ten thousand different flavoured juices. This means the hardest part of switching from tobacco products to juicing is the task of finding a flavour you enjoy most.

But choosing the flavour is no real hardship and when you find the one you like best, it’s best just to stick with this.

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