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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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10 Amazing Things To See at The National Gallery, London

London city is certainly one of the best places to be in when you are on a holiday and want to have a place where you can get lot of things to do and see. The overall beauty of the city is so charming that it attracts almost thousands of travellers from all over the world to come and witness the grandness and the elegance of the city.

There’s just so much to see and do around in London. The list just doesn’t end. You could always start with the amazing galleries and museums of the city that have the amazing collections of art and other artefacts that always provide you with a sense of knowledge and history. There’s the amazing landmarks and historical buildings of the city which you could visit positively to have an extra dose of London’s charm. The restaurants and bars in the city are the perfect spots for relaxing meals and refreshing drinks.

London city is known as the shopper’s paradise, with so many amazing shopping complexes and markets adorning the streets of the city, you would never run out of shopping experiences. And for those who want to have a taste of London’s culture, there’s the amazing theatre houses of the city.

Well, if you are a first time traveller to the City, then the first thing that should be on your agenda is to look for a suitable pace of accommodation. A good hotel with suitable living conditions and facilities can really make your stay worthwhile in the city.

Fortunately such hotels are not very difficult to find. The 4 start hotels in London are some of the best ones in the city, that combine their skills of world class service ad amazing hospitality to create a wonderful living atmosphere for their guests. Especially the Park Grand London Hotels, situated in the heart of the city, these hotels are the ones that have gained the most positive reviews and several other accolades for their services. With beautifully decorated rooms, amazing and refreshing spas, restaurants and bars that provide the best food and drinks, and many other distinct and charming facilities, these hotels are surely an ideal option if you are far from home in London and want to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Come join the hotels in the city of London and you won’t be disappointed with the services for sure.

Some Facts about The Work Of Art National Gallery In London

Have you ever been to the National Gallery in London City? No? Well, surely you must want to. It is certainly one of the most popular of London landmarks. Housing and showcasing different exhibits of modern and contemporary art for its visitors, National Gallery is certainly worth a visit. However, there are some facts that you must know about the works of art there to have a better understanding.

  • An Allegory With Venus And Cupid: One of the most famous paintings of the National Gallery, this amazing masterpiece was created as a certain gift for a significant person in France. The artwork has Cupid embracing his father Venus in an incestuous position and it describes despair and jealousy. Some also hint that the painting represents ‘Syphilis’.
  • The Arnolfini Portrait by Jack van Eyck: This amazing portrait hangs in the National Gallery and was believed to be the portrait of a certain merchant, an Italian, Giovanni Arnolfini with his wife. However, facts stated otherwise as the marriage of the couple was certified after the artist’s death. The air of mystery still hangs around the portrait as no one has been able to discover whose it is actually. Strange right?
  • Virgin Of The Rocks: Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, this amazing portrait was varnished ad cleaned thoroughly in 2008. The cleaning was essential because dirt got trapped in certain cracks of the surface which destroyed the essence of the painting. Newly framed, this portrait now hangs in the National Gallery.
  • Belshazzar’s Feast: Getting it origin from a biblical story, this portrait is a representation of the shock that a Babylonian King faced after seeing Armenian words magically appear on a wall. One of the most amazing painting in the museums, this one is certainly worth seeing.
  • A Young Woman Standing At A Virginal: Painted by the famous Johannes Vermeer, this 17th century masterpiece is certainly one of the greatest works of the Dutch. One thing to notice in all Vermeer’s paintings is that there are no men in them. His paintings cover women at thought and work and many other spaces.
  • Whistlejacket: One of the most interesting paintings by John Stubbs, this masterpiece represents a certain but valuable horse in the painting. It is said the horse is of the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham. The painting is pretty costly. And the amount of effort to make the painting is extreme. At one point Stubbs had to dissect dead horses to understand their anatomy.
  • The Execution Of Lady Jane Grey: One of the major hits of the Paris Salon, this amazing painting attracted loads of viewers, so much that barriers were erected to stop them.
  • Claude Gellée: Probably one of the most famous painters in the 17t century, his works of art are in the National Gallery in the Room 15. Come and see the amazing paintings for yourself.
  • The Fighting Temeraire: Painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1838, this amazing painting has the bolder strokes of yellow, blue and red intermixed with lighter shades too. Representing colour development, this amazing painting is surely one of the best attractions of National Gallery.
  • Bathers at Asnières: This superb painting was made by George Seurat in his younger days. The jury of Paris Salon rejected the painting in 1884. However, this amazing painting found its way of shining. Representing George’s interest in Divisionism and many other colour theories this painting is certainly worth seeing.

London Gallery is filled to the brim with amazing works of art and you can have a look at those too. Just make sure you check the above ones out first and have a good time exploring.

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