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Which Earrings Suit Me

When choosing any piece of new jewellery, you may find that your eyes are drawn towards colours and styles that you find beautiful. But when it comes to picking out earrings you also need to consider which designs flatter and enhance the natural beauty of your facial features. Earrings have been used for thousands of years but styles have transformed to suit our requirements and the latest fashion trends, as well as to complement our personal look.

Let’s find out which earrings suit you so that you feel empowered to visit your local handmade jewellery and amplify your look.

Which earrings suit me?

The earrings that suit you will depend on the shape of face that you have. Face shapes are generally defined as either round, heart shaped, square, or oval. If you do not already know your face shape then grab a mirror and assess yours today with our tips below. We also recommend that you check out celebrities that have the same shape as you for further style guidance. They will also help you understand which hairstyles look best on you.

Round Face

Your round face is defined by a rounded jawline and chin. There are no sharp angles and the sides of your face are curved rather than straight. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Mindy Kaling are examples of famous women that all feature a round face. Elongate your features with vertical drop earrings such as these green onyx earrings and lean towards rectangular, square shapes, and other strong geometric angles to add some balance to your profile.

Heart Shaped Face

Similar to Vanessa Hudgens, Lupita Nyong’o, and Reese Witherspoon, your heart shaped face will feature a pointy (almost cat like) chin and wide set cheekbones. Bring some symmetry to your appearance with some beautiful teardrop earrings or tassels. Basically, anything that is wider at the bottom will accentuate your features perfectly. You can pair your earrings with a striking green onyx ring to further balance out your look.

Square Face

If you possess a square face then you will have an angular jawline similar to Keira Knightly, Angelina Jolie, and Lucy Liu. In contrast to those with a round face, you should opt for earrings that feature soft, rounded edges. You will also look particularly radiant with hoops so browse the collections at your favourite handmade jewellery shop and experiment with different sizes and colours of hoop earrings.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face then it is similar to a round face but longer, with no sharp angles. This shape face actually suits the vast majority of earring style so you can experiment with all types of design. You can also pair your earrings with coordinating necklaces and emphasise other elements of your features. For example, if you have emerald coloured eyes you could pair a green onyx necklace with some green onyx earrings to make a bold statement. For further style inspiration, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Blake Lively all have an oval face shape.

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