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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Visit the street markets in London

The capital city of England has carved a niche for itself in the minds of the discerning travelers who always look forward to make their vacation as fun filled as they have always desired. It is always about how wonderfully you are going to fulfill your desires of enjoying a fabulous time out in the city of London. it is definitely all about how well you plan your trip. London has got all of it what it takes to make your vacation a desirable trip for you and you must always go ahead and plan your trip effectively so that you can cover all the popular tourist hot spots which have always been captivating huge number of travelers.

Everything about London happens to be alluring the tourists from different parts across the globe and while you are holidaying in the city of London, you must always utilize your leisure time in order to fulfill all your dreams related to enjoying a great vacation trip.

The capital city of England is a great holiday destination which encompasses a large number of tourist hotspots which have been enticing the attention of every tourist residing at different parts across the globe. During your London vacation, you will not only feel surprised by utilizing the opportunity of exploring all sorts of travel attractions but will also feel thrilled to enjoy every single moment of your trip in a fabulous manner London is all about fulfilling your dreams and you can be completely assured of having it your way just by means of planning the trip thoroughly.

London is a great place to explore. It does not only boast of being well enriched with a variety of tourist hot spots but it also works wonders in creating a vacation tour for all of you who wish to see it all. There are various shopping opportunities, parks, theaters, historic monuments, market places, sightseeing attractions, night pubs and many other options available right in this city which are meant to spruce up the spirit of your vacation in the most delightful manner.

London city boasts of fulfilling everyone’s desires in the most amazing manner. There are some amazing London markets which have entertained tourists from different parts around the world. Many travelers have got their unique purposes of visiting the city of London. Some come over here to enjoy the mesmerizing vacation trip which is undoubtedly a great way of making the proper utilization of your trip. If you are wondering which market places you can travel to during your trip then here is a list of some popular London markets which you must look forward to explore during your upcoming visit to the English capital. The street markets sell everything starting from the daily necessities to luxury belongings. All you need to have is proper information about where to approach first.

In order to make your visit to the street markets in the capital city to be a convenient affair, all you need to do is to find yourself a proper city centre accommodation. The city hotels London have been designed quite effectively in order to make the travelers feel thoroughly engaged. You would absolutely love to have the most amazing vacation just by means of engaging yourself in a well planned way ahead.

Here is a list of markets which are located in and around the international capital. Have a look at them in order to get a proper understanding of how to enjoy your vacation moments.

  • Portobello Market

It is one of the most popular travel destinations in this city. Since the film ‘Notting Hill’ was made this place has started garnering huge tourist interest. This market takes place on Portobello Road which is around 2 miles long. Before the market place was incepted, the area was mainly used as a farm. The main trading day of the Portobello Road Market is Saturday. By 8:30 am, all the stalls are already set up. Majority of the stalls mainly sell antiques products and you can also get great bargains in many of the fruit, vegetable and antique stalls.

  • Camden Market

This one is a bit different from the other traditional market places. In this market, you will be able to come across to a pleasant mix of various stalls and shops and most of the stalls remain open for all the seven days in a week. The best day to embark on your market hopping at Camden is on a Sunday. This area is majorly popular for offering the tourist with some unusual trends and great outfits.

  • Exmouth Market

This is a wonderful shopping area which has always been quite eminent for providing the visitors with a village feel. Some of the independent stores world wonders in letting the travelers feel engaged throughout the trip and that too in the most magnificent manner.

  • Brixton Market

Those are big foodies will absolutely love to cherish each and every moment of their schedule in this place. You will be able to gorge on some of the sumptuously prepared African Caribbean delicacies during your visit to the Brixton Market.

  • Piccadilly Market

This one is basically a popular city centre market place which can be greatly accessed from the City Hotels London. It is located in the courtyard of St. James’s Church. This one is also quite amazing for splurging on souvenir shopping.

  • Whitechapel Market

This one is an Asian Market where you will feel extremely delighted to find some interesting vegetables and spices along with some other saree materials. You will also be able to get some good bargains over here.

In short, the capital city of London has got all of it what it takes to make your vacation as fun filled as desired. Make sure to include the market hopping spree on your to- do list so that you can enjoy the thrill and excitement with which the city trades on a regular basis. It is undoubtedly a great way of enjoying your vacation.

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