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Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts Offers

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day jewellery offers are in season. Have you considered what to buy your loved one yet? If not, our shopping guide will come to your rescue.

Jewellery is a classic gift for V-day for a good reason. It shows that you’ve thought deeply about what to buy her (or him) and it is a gift that they can cherish for decades to come. For the best quality, always shop with a reputable jewellery designer and do shop locally with handmade pieces where possible.

Without further ado here are the best jewellery offers for Valentine’s Day.

Baori Trinity Necklace

Trinity Necklace

Inspired by the architectural beauty of the Chand Baori step-wells of Rajasthan, the Baori Trinity necklace will remind her to see the beauty in every corner of the world. This unique necklace is available in gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil and silver sterling.

Urban Chain Earrings

urban earrings black onyx

These dainty chain earrings are available in a variety of metals and gemstones which means that there is a set for all tastes. Hand-carved with love, they will tell your recipient that they mean the world to you. The deep celestial blue of the lapis lazuli symbolises truth and wisdom whilst the onyx varieties will protect your loved one from harm’s way.

Pyramid Double Ring

pure pyramid ring

With its sensational textured design, the pyramid double ring is as much a work of art as it is a splendid piece of jewellery. Perfect for strong, independent women with a love of the unconventional, this is a terrific choice for the special person in your life, your best friend, or any woman you respect.

Hive Cufflinks

HIve Cufflinks 18 ct Gold Vermeil

It’s not all about the ladies, men deserve to receive a special present on the day of romance too. Cufflinks are a fabulous choice for the man in your life as they add a touch of class to his workwear or formalwear. In fact, he might love these Hive cufflinks so much that he wants to wear them every single day of the year!

Trinity Silhouette

Inspired by the wondrous step-wells this Trinity silhouette chain is a tasteful pendant necklace that she can wear every day. This is modern-day simplicity and elegance at its finest with a nod to some of the best architectural heritage in the world. We think this piece is particularly astonishing in rose gold vermeil.

Geometric Ring

Urban Bar Ring Black Onyx

Modern women appreciate jewellery that they can wear to a variety of events and that works with as many of their clothes as possible. These minimalistic, geometric bar rings come with a choice of different jewels so you can personalise the gift to suit her personal tastes.

If you want to snap up any of these limited-edition jewellery offers before Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to act quickly. Home delivery is available but the deals will not last for long. Remember that all the jewellery we’ve shared today comes with a choice of coordinating items in case you wish to treat your loved one to a full set.

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