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Unutterably Cool: Al Areen Hotel And Spa

From the moment guests lay eyes on this unutterably fabulous find they will be blown away by the exquisite luxury the stunning stay that comprises the Al Areen Hotel and Spa offers. Whether you are a leisure guest looking for a sophisticated leisurely getaway or a corporate guest wanting a business break that allows for a little luxury this is the perfect stay for you – the fabulous find that comprises the Al Areen Hotel and Spa encapsulates all of the luxurious charm you might come to expect from such a location. This is a hotel that is perfect for the kind of traveller who is looking for out and out luxury and indulgence as part of their hotel getaway. And if you are such a traveller you will no doubt find more than a little something to indulge in at this heavenly hotel and spa.

The Hotel

The hotel is a refined and luxurious stay. If you’re looking for a stay that positively drips luxury and indulgence then you have surely found the right fit for you. This excellent hotel offers a rich and lavish design – from the handing crystal chandeliers through to the touches of the Arabian throughout. The hotel’s colour scheme is decidedly rich and indulgent making a unique impression on guests. The hotel has clearly put a lot of time and effort into meticulously handpicking the furniture as every piece thoughtfully matches the use and setting and is perfectly places and arranged. The hotel’s rooms are similarly well thought out and beautifully designed – expansive and indulgent allowing you to get a sense of the luxury of the stay at all times.


The Al Areen Hotel and Spa is obviously lax with an array of excellent facilities. From in-room facilities and services such as the various technological offerings found dotted throughout your room to make life that little bit better through to the amazing spa facilities. The hotel offers an incredible pool for a cooling dip plus a sauna and steam room – ideal for the skin and lungs or if you just want to unwind!


With a location that allows easy access to all the important things to see and do while being quiet and serene enough to enjoy a little peace and calm – you could not be more idyllically located. The hotel allows very easy access to and from the airport making your visit that little bit more convenient plus offers many a guided tour of the surrounding area if you want to find out more.


The perfect pick no matter what you’re looking for. The fabulous find that comprises the Al Areen Hotel and Spa encapsulates all of the luxurious charm you might expect from such a stay. If you’re in the mood to relax and unwind then this is doubtlessly the perfect stay for you.

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