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Unusual Things in London

Take a visit to execution dock
London has a history which is dreaded by many there had been kings and queens and there had been executions carried out in this land , out of those one of the most infamous places is the South bank area the centre celebrates the Festival of death. The journey of the execution dock does not end here there are quite a number of places which share the same sentiments and some of them is a must visit for those who are interested in knowing about the history of London.

Tower and Tower hill
The place had witnessed many beheadings since the seventeenth century times although it is a very little known fact that  at the tower complex there has been lot less bloodshed and inside the Tower complex there have been many who have lost their lives though the number has not been significantly large. The place had seen the beheadings of various earls, nobles, ministers  and many other unfortunate souls and there at the nearby adjacent to the tower you will find the memorial garden on which hangs the record of the loves of those unfortunate hundred and twenty five people who have been beheaded due to some or the other reason. An interesting feature is the pub that is nearby the Tower complex and it is named the Hung , drawn and quartered although it  is a modern day pub with all the facilities but then it speaks volumes about the history of this place. Inside the Tower also there had been executions as many as seven  and amongst those there had been three queens , it is also said that a German spy was one of the persons who was put to task here.

The place had a dreadful history from the eleventh century times to the seventeenth century and this gallows had been a murderous reputation where at one go as many as twenty four people could be put to task. The place is close to the junction of the Edgware road and Bayswater road which and it was a place to be reckoned with during the Roman times. There was a tree where from the convicts or the accused have been hung and this gallows had been erected by the fifteenth century times. Although as part of the history revisits there has been mention of stretched neck collars for convicts yet the gruesome past has been only in the memory and at the spot there simply stands a plank of wood.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields
This place has a notoriety of its own and some people suggest while the word mercy does not comply with this place and yet people flock at these spots to remember and shudder at the mention of these ghastly stories which are still told and re-told.

Coffee in the toilet
This is one of the most beautiful and vile options and if ever you heard of having coffee in the toilet please do not be surprised this place has been lying vacant and unattended for a while it was one of the Victorian toilet which has been converted into a coffee shop. The place is named Attendant  and the place is in the area called Fitzrovia area. Just as you enter this place the eye meets the porcelain done urinals placed on the table top and it is also acting as the separator where you can sit and sip through your coffee. As the attendant’s office is still intact the place has been turned into an office as well as the kitchen. The smell of coffee beans and quick snacks just holds you up there although a very weird idea of drinking coffee in the urinals but that’s the fun part of this visit to this toilet called Attendant.

Spot the ears in Covent Garden and the noses in Soho
If you have ever played the game of treasure hunt then this is a game which you will love as you walk through the Covent Garden area and make your way through the streets of Soho till you reach the Trafalgar square there is a very peculiar thing that comes into fore as you make your way through these streets you might look at a well sculpted ears and nose on one of the walls if you are lucky you can spot them. Although there are seven of such sculpted nose and ears yet its rare that you can see them some are really there for you to see some are so well camouflages that you might miss them, something that even my friends who were staying at the Hotels Close To Bayswater Tube Station and some of them were staying at the Park Avenue Inn Craven Hotel  had tried their best to find these sculpted pieces on their own and they tried it hard for two days but they did miss one or two , it is then that they took up the customised tour which takes you through all these pieces for you to witness the way they had been placed.

Postman’s Park
This is one of the peculiar parks made to pay tribute to the lives of the departed heroes who had sacrificed their life and the deeds of the same have been put to display at the Watt’s gallery a place which has been built in the memory of late Watts. The place used to be a meeting point for the worker’s who used to work at the General Post office and during the lunch hours they would meet up here to have their lunch. The place had risen to familiarity as a movie had been shot at this same place.

Hunterian Museum
One of the oldest museums in the city of London and it houses the anatomical as well as zoological specimens and all these dates back to as old as the seventeenth century times. The collection comprises of at the most somewhere around four thousand samples and there are some the old surgical instruments too at display for people to learn a little more on the evolution techniques. The most unique feature of this place is that it also houses the dentures of one of the most powerful people in this world Sir Winston Churchill  which really takes people with surprise.

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