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Top 5 street food markets to explore in London

Street food is something that forms an integral aspect of any trip. We basically do not think of packing food stuff once we are outside in the streets, roaming around to see something spectacular in a holiday destination. We are sure to come across some of the food stalls where we can eat our heart out. The same thing is applicable for those who have been planning to go out on a trip to the British capital.

Lodnon is known for offering every visitor with all sorts of facilities which are required to make your vacation as much captivating as desired. When it comes to letting you enjoy a comfortable vacation ahead, there is no dearth of hotels in the city. You can always select form a wide array of options available that will eventually help you to have a blissful holiday.

If a trip to London is something that you have been planning for a while now then you should not wait for anything else as this city is well enriched with almost everything that can make you feel captivated.

In order to make your vacation as much desirable as you have always wanted, you need to know how well you can manage to make your London trip fantastic. Try to book a hotel as soon as you are done planning the sightseeing route which you need to follow once you are there. This city appears to be quite large in size and this is why it becomes all more crucial to plan everything properly.

While you are there, you can consider staying at Park Lane Hotel that will let you enjoy all the facilities efficiently. Each corner of the city is blessed with an array of hotels and accommodation sites. Things will eventually get easier for you if you have already booked the hotel. It is going to be a remarkable journey for everybody out there who aims to enjoy a hassle free London tour. How about going out on a London holiday trip and enjoy street food right from the desirable food trucks?

Initially, the purpose of food truck was mainly to bring hot and freshly prepared meals to the areas where many workers used to work till late night. Over the years, the culture of the street food markets has become immensely popular and people in the big metropolitan cities are used to seeing them all the time. The food trucks have indeed become a part and parcel of the mainstream culture and can be found across the length and breadth of the city. London is considered to be the only global city which gives tough competition to the other cities dominating the food truck scene. The food trucks were once just a trend and now they have become a permanent structure. It is the desire of many tourists coming over to London to enjoy a bite of food from the food trucks. Each and every foodie who has been planning to pay a visit to the British capital can surely consider to find at least one of the popular food trucks and try out the sumptuous meals offered. In order to make sure that you get to enjoy every bit of your trip, all you need to do is to book yourself a room at the Montcalm Hotel London. This central London hotel will pit you close to the areas where you can find a wide array of food trucks.

Some of the most popular food trucks selling great food have been mentioned below:

• Bunnychow: This is the place where you need to head to especially when you have a habit of enjoying your food with some interesting flavours. Bunny chow is a South African dish that is comprised of a bread. The piece of bread is served with tasty fillings that are extremely hot. The different fillings make the dish even tastier. You would absolutely love the idea if tasting fillings that have the taste of ginger, chicken, meatballs, etc.

• Choco Star Van: If you have fondness for sweets then this is where you need to head to. Here you will get to relish an extra dose of chocolate. The best dish that is sold here is hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. You must also try the Chocolate Guinness cupcakes, milkshakes, triple chocolate cookies, white chocolate, Rocky Road ice cream and many others. Most of the visitors prefer to indulge into the Brownie Fudge Sundaes which often tend to fall short as these are the best selling desserts in the Choco Star Van.

• Bleecker Street Burger: These have come straight from the New York City and appear to be everybody’s favourite. The patties are griddled with American cheese. Visit the areas near Canary Wharf and Spitalfields to enjoy the Bleecker Burgers.

• Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese: Every single batch of mac n cheese is made right from scratch and loaded with delicious toppings like chillies, bacon and even BBQ sauce.

• Capish? This Italian American street food truck serves amazing meatballs and sloppy joes which anyone would feel interested to eat.

Going to the family restaurants London is something that almost everybody tries. Whiel you are here, you should look forward to explore the various aspects of enjoying a London tour. The more you research about the available food truck, the better search results you will be able to receive.

Try to plan everything way in advance so that you do not have to bother about anything else. Right from putting up at the hotel to listing down the number of places you would like to visit, must be included on your holiday itinerary. Try to enjoy it as blissfully as you can and you will not have to worry about anything else.

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