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Tips for travellers wanting to try out some winter surfing in Ocean City in Maryland

Tips for travellers wanting to try out some winter surfing in Ocean City in Maryland

Surfing is a passion that does not pause due to the seasons, as a dedicated surfer will carry on despite the cold weather. Ocean City in the US state of Maryland is a brilliant place for water sports fans, as there are many activities on offer including paddleboarding and the chance to go sailing and fishing. Realistically the water is actually only warm enough for surfing around four months of the year. The winter months are when the waves pick up and there are plenty of surfers still around waiting to catch some impressive swells in the ocean.

To go surfing travellers need to plan carefully to ensure they have all the equipment they require for the day out. Firstly tourists need to get a wetsuit that is the right thickness for the surfing day. Wetsuits are created from a material called neoprene and the thickness most common for winter surfing is 3/2, 4/3 and 5/4. The numbers of the wetsuits represent the thickness of neoprene in different areas, and for instance a 4/3 suit has a thickness of four millimetres in the torso, and has three millimetres in both the arms and legs area. It is advised surfers choose this size for weather in January and the colder, winter months. There are plenty of brilliant hotels near Ocean City MD that are worth booking into for a holiday.


Tourists will adore the Grand Hotel Ocean City MD that is worth booking into when making a trip to Maryland for a holiday. Its air-conditioned rooms have many top facilities such as a mini-fridge, television and coffee maker, which will make travellers feel at home. The brilliant Acqua Day Spa and the hotel’s fitness centre are ideal for tourists who want to keep active or have a rest. There are five restaurants serving delicious dishes to visitors heading there.

Buying booties, gloves and a hood for winter surfing is an idea if these are not part of the wetsuit. The head, hands and feet are the main areas that suffer heat loss so must be covered up during surfing in the winter months. Surfers should work on putting on their wetsuit quickly when they head out to the beach, as the temperatures are particularly low in the winter months. Tourists must ensure they get some ear putty to put in if they are using a hood otherwise they could get surfer’s ear. Once out on the water they will appreciate the surf more than they would one of the top spas in Ocean City MD in this lovely resort town.

Surfers must search for any leaks that come through the suit when they are out on the water, and ensure they get these sealed as soon as possible. It is always fun to get to know other surfers who will also be seeking waves in the winter months. The colder months are better for surfing as travellers will not come across as many crowds as the summer season brings to the area. Once the surfers have had a successful morning in the water they should head to one of the great restaurants in Ocean City MD for a well-earned and tasty breakfast.

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