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Tips for Americans in London

London is an incredible city to pay a visit to, to say the very least. The sort of memories which are developed by the experiences a tourist has in the city stay with him or her for a life time. That being said, there are quite a lot of things which a person who is going to be a tourist in London should keep in mind and it can be said that if he or she does so, then the visit which is made by him or her would be all the more fruitful.

The first thing which is to be kept in mind is the currency which is used in the United Kingdom. The Great British Pound or the pound sterling, as it is known alternatively, is a major world currency as it is said to be among the top three most popular currencies along with the US dollar, which takes top spot, and the euro. Now while quite a few major shopping places do happen to accept the euro as a means of payment, it is always better to make use of the pound. Apart from some very small outlets, a credit card should do the trick if a person is concerned about carrying too much money on his or her person. In addition to this, there are ATMs which are located literally all over the city.

When the matter of transportation is at hand, it can be said that the visitor to the city is almost spoilt for choice. He or she has the option to get between places by making use of a taxi, the London Tube, buses, overland railway trains, as well as, at least in some cases, by boat. If a person is not confident of his or her ability to locate and find his or her way to the destination he or she plans to go to, it can be quite useful, to say the very least, to make use of a black cab as the drivers of this sort of vehicular transportation have passed a very stringent test which really tests them to a very high degree, of their knowledge of the roads which run through and around London.

When a person is planning to make a visit to London, the question of where he or she is going to stay over the course of his or her visit to the city is likely to come across his or her mind; or it at least should, if it does not! Now, it must be said that which hotel he or she makes a choice to book a room at for himself or herself at is quite significant as a room which is not up to the mark can really go quite a long way in marring his or her experience in the city, which happens to be the last thing that any tourist in the city wants to happen.

In order to have the advantage of a good location while he or she is in London, the visitor to the city should take a look at the possibility of an Oxford Street Hotel which would provide him or her with the ease of travelling between a place and another in the central part of the city. A hotel which is worth looking at when a visitor is taking into due account the options he or she has to make a choice from, happens to be the Shaftesbury Suites London Marble Arch which is a very common hotel to choose to stay at for those people who are regular visitors to the city.

What a traveler in London must do when he or she is in the city is experiment with the food the city has to offer him or her. Apart from traditional British delicacies, there is a wide range of eating options when a person wishes to eat something global or even south Asian or oriental.

London is a city which also happens to be very well known across the world for the possibilities it offers people who pay a visit to it when it comes the avenue of shopping. As a matter of fact, the street which is supposed to be the busiest shopping district in all of Europe is located in London itself. This happens to be Oxford Street, which has a legendary status in terms of it being a shopper’s paradise. While planning the facet of his or her trip which pertains to shopping, the visitor should also look at days that the stores he or she may like to pay a visit to may not be open due to bank holidays and those of the public sort, as well. Smaller stores usually stay open regardless of bank holidays.


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