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The Most Delectable Dessert Shops in London

London one of the vibrant multicultural capital city has a lot to offer to tourists coming in. Every year millions of travellers visit the city for leisure or for work. The range of tourist attractions here is endless. London not only boasts of some of the iconic structures in the world, but also holds its head high in pride for offering the best of leisure to everyone. No matter whatever your budget this captivating destination welcomes you with all arms open. There is an accommodation suiting every traveller. No doubt it is an expensive place to stay, but convenient hotel accommodation is available even for those travelling under a budget constraint. One can try out lancaster gate hotel London that offers a convenient hotel stay for all kinds of travellers.

There is so much to see and to do as no one can ever feel bored while staying here. From elite shopping to the best sightseeing, London offers something to people of all age groups. As far as shopping goes it is not only about clothes and antiques, but there is a lot more for you especially if you have a sweet tooth? Yes, you heard it right; do you have a sweet tooth? If yes then you have landed at the right place. London houses some of the best dessert shops in the world and these are known for their highest quality cakes, brownies and what not.

One can actually feast their eyes and can take their tongues on a pleasurable trip to some of the most delectable desserts. The problem here is that you will never run out of the variety of desserts, but hours in the day to have them all. So, it is important to choose your desserts really well. Mentioned below are some of the places in London where you will get the best of all:

Maitre Choux
Have you ever indulged yourself in the finest ingredients when it comes to patisseries? Here comes a specialist which is the only choux pastry specialist in the world. Chef Joakim Prat is a three Michelin star experienced bakes the most mouth watering choux, chouquettes and éclairs. The menu is regularly updated with the seasonal ingredients thus making all creations unique. Take away or eat in both options are available. So, if you want to savour the best of éclairs then Maitre Choux is a one stop destination.

Have the pleasure to stay at Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel and grab the best of desserts at these places.

You will be surprised to know that Nosteagia is taken from Nostalgia where the word tea symbolises health, nature and courteousness. It is not only there on feed the stomach of those who want to eat something good, but to deliver warmth as well. Quality is the key ingredient here and nothing can beat that. It is a specialised shop making bubble waffles and bubble tea.

Anges De Sucre
They specialise in cakes of all kinds. It is a great pleasure for a cake lover to be here. It is one of the best cake shops in London. It even specialises in macaroons and marshmallows. Variety of hot chocolates is also served in here.

Basement State
It is a late night underground bar which serves the most delicious desserts along with great cocktails to complement it. The place is created by two friends who have the passion for making drinks and self-indulgent desserts. Moreover, the music here is as vibrant as the cocktails and desserts.

This dessert shop lies in the popular Covent Garden which specialises in making and selling the most happening and mouth watering macaroon ice cream sandwiches. Moreover, they can be easily carried.

Bird Restaurant
Bird is a restaurant where chicken is served like never before. It is one of the most delectable places to eat for chicken lovers. How about a place which also serves the finest deep fried waffle and chocolate orange espresso martini? Yes if you are fond of yummy waffles then you have come to the right place. Bird restaurant serves the most mouth watering desserts including fresh waffle deep fried and well tossed in cinnamon sugar with fresh whipped cream. Some of their desserts even contain nuts. Doughnut ice cream sandwiches are a part of the delectable desserts menu.

Bad Brownie
As the name suggests if you really want to buy the most delicious chocolate brownies then this is the place to be at. With loads of flavours it will be a treat for gourmet dessert lovers. To make them even better these are made in super delicious flavours including peanut butter, triple chocolate, salted caramel and many more. They aren’t just brownies, but are a lot more than that.

Bread Ahead
It is a great bakery ideally located on Cathedral Street. The bakery is located in Borough Market which is a confectionary too. Other than bakery items you get everything from fruit & Veg to dairy and eggs, meat, poultry and game, drinks, cured meats and lot of other stuff.  It is a place where you can follow your nose as the aroma makes it all worth it. This glass fronted bakery entertains wholesale customers too. It is also home to a bakery school which offers wide varieties of baking and pastry making courses for both professionals and amateurs.

Cutter & Squidge
Cutter and Squidge are two sisters and is a family whose background is all food. For those who have a sweet tooth but are a little health conscious too for them it is the right place to visit. Over fatty and sugar laden foods are avoided here which makes it an all time favourite for health lovers.

Try out these fabulous places and savour the best of desserts.

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