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The Last Minute Jewellery Guide Accessories for Her

Did her birthday slip your mind? Forget your anniversary? Or, has Mother’s Day crept up on you again? Try not to panic – we’ve all been in the same boat. Fortunately, if you need a last-minute gift – you can count on jewellery to save the day. Boutiques in the capital like Jewel Tree London can even deliver your perfect gift to you at home or work to save a dash to the shops!

Your last-minute jewellery guide-

When buying last-minute jewellery, follow our easy, 5-step guide for guaranteed success. Whether you’re shopping for your partner, mother, or best friend!

Gold or silver?

When shopping for a woman, consider what metal she favours. If she only ever wears gold, don’t even consider silver. And vice versa – even if you decide to treat her to a simple pair of small stud earrings. She’ll want to be able to coordinate her new accessories with the rest of her collection. Remember, that gold comes in a variety of hues so pay attention to whether she prefers yellow, white or rose.

Remember the 4 C’s

When shopping specifically for fine jewellery such as a gold pendant necklace, you need to remember four essential elements. Cut, clarity, carat and colour:

  • The cut refers to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a stone. Your jeweller should enable you to look at a piece under magnification.
  • Clarity refers to the presence of materials within the gem, fractures and surface blemishes. Clarity affects both the appearance and internal structure of the stone.
  • Carat indicates the purity of gold, 24-carat being the purest – plus, the most expensive. Remember that the higher the carat the softer the material is.
  • The colour of a gemstone is based on hue, tone and saturation. The purer the hue, the more costly the stone will be.

What’s trending?

If she’s a fashionista, find out what’s popular right now to help her get ahead of the trend. For example, gold stacking ringsare major this season. They coordinate with a wide variety of jewellery – she can stack them with others rings in her collection.

Choice of stone

When it comes to choosing the right stone, again – consider what you know about her personal style and taste. Is there a colour that she wears the most? What is her birthstone? Is there a stone that she admires which she doesn’t have in her collection? A timeless gold pendant necklaceembellished with a jewel you’ve given some serious thought will make her day.


If you want to buy her that set of trendy gold stacking rings, you’re going to need to know her size. The easiest way to do this is to lift an existing ring that she has in her jewellery box. Either take the ring to a jeweller or refer to the online ring size guide provided by Jewel Tree London. Remember, that resizing a too-large ring is cheaper than expanding one that is too small.

Follow these five steps and jewellery shopping will be a breeze!


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