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Monday , 8 March 2021
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The Grand Chinese New Year Celebration in London

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Chinese New Year is celebrated at a grand level. It is a festival among the chinese and ensures that it becomes a grand success every year.  The Chinese New Year never falls on the same date. It is fixed depending on the lunar and solar calendar. It usually falls between january and february. There are 12 animals in Zodiac sign and the Chinese New Year represents one animal of the Zodiac sign every year. The year 2015 represents Sheep. There is a general belief that kids born in 2015 are wise, clever and polite.There are chinese who have made London as their home. The chinese community in the London celebrates the new year in a joyful and lively manner. The preparation of the event begins well in advance and the event is a must watch. It is considered to be one among the largest outside Asia.

London hosts many of the events and are known for it globally. There is an entertainment zone for every individual in London, irrespective of their likes and dislikes. People from the globe travel to London, experience their culture and few of them accepts London as their second home. If you are from China and miss your homeland during the occasion of New Year, do not worry. You can be a part of the many celebrations that would be carried in London to celebrate this festival. The following are some of the ways  one can celebrate chinese new year in London:

It is the hub of the celebrations. The chinese new year festivity begins from Chinatown. A parade is been organized which continues till shaftesbury Avenue culminating. A lot of performers and artist presents their skill in honor of the event. One can get to watch the typical dragon and lion float which is just a marvelous experience. The theme of the event would be sheep and decorations would be done based on the theme.     If you want to try out some chinese cuisines, there are ample stalls and restaurants that serves the authentic chinese food. There are eateries that are dedicated to specific regions of China and serves the food accordingly. Thus, you can get a complete feel of the chinese food and culture. Do not forget to wish them a great new year in their language. “San Nin Faai Lok” or “Xin Nian Kuai Le”  can be used to wish them new year.

Trafalgar Square & Shaftsbury Avenue:
Do not waste even a single minute in reaching to London’s iconic Trafalgar Square. The event  beginS exactly at 10.00 am and becomes more active as the time passes by. The parade begins and the entire view is just so mesmerizing. One can get to see vivid costumes, ribbons, music, dragon performanceS and artists showcasing their skills in an unique way. The school kids will surprise you with their performances. They are well trained and presentable before a large audience. The event continues till Shaftsbury Avenue where lion dances, troupe performances and acrobats can be seen. The stage is well decorated and justifies the occasion.

If you dislike too much of crowd and music, but are keen to witness the Chinese New Celebration, you do have an option. Try your luck at Greenwich. They organize workshops that will impart knowledge to you and visual performances will throw light on Chinese culture and traditions. One can also get a feel of the British East Asian heritage and the history associated with it. The National Maritime Museum is a must visit place for some fun and entertainment. There are lion dances to be witnessed, artists performances to be keenly watched and the calmness of the place to be felt. The quieter the place, the better the observations and the enjoyment. You can also come the next day where the event would take a larger shape with more shades of art and entertainment can be seen.

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