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Ten of the Best Traditional British Foods in London

Besides all its other qualities, London is also a foodie’s paradise and as such if you are a gourmet and you love having delectable food dishes, you will be spoilt for choice because you will be overwhelmed with the immense choice and availability of delicious food of almost every cuisine of the world. However, in the midst of all the cuisines of the world, British traditional food sometimes gets side-tracked. As such, you must also try out the following popular traditional British food offerings.

Fish & Chips:

One of the quintessentially essential British traditional dishes, Fish & Chips is indeed very popular in London and no visitor to the city and the UK should leave without tasting it. There are many places in London where you can get this tasty dish, although it is best eaten on the seaside such as at places like Blackpool, Brighton and Whitby. The ideal accompaniment with fish & chips is mushy peas and for a great taste it should be garnished with salt and vinegar. Poppy’s at Shoreditch or Camden is recommended mainly because of great taste, affordable rate, and massive portions, easily split by two.

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding:

This is another typical, classic British traditional food that can be taken at any time between 12noon and 5pm. You can choose the roast with turkey, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, or just veggie but you must also try the Yorkshire pudding which is best served traditionally with beef. The accompaniments to a traditional roast include meat, potatoes, gravy and vegetables. The best traditional Sunday roasts are usually available at local pubs such as The Three Stags, Kensington.

Eton Mess:

Named after the famous boys’ school, this is a simple, delicious dessert which is a mix of crushed meringue, cream and strawberries. This classic, British treat is available in different variations by using different kinds of fruit or using ice cream instead of cream but the most popular is with strawberries. One of the best Eton Mess can be found at The National Cafe at The National Gallery.

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Pie and Mash:

The original, traditional Pie and Mash was the simple steak and kidney or pork pies but now, you can get many different types of pie. This classic comfort food is best served with a pile of creamy mashed potatoes and lashings of gravy. Pieminster is one of the most popular places for this dish. Another good option is The Princess of Wales pub.

Bangers and Mash:

This classic dish has mashed potatoes as a side and it essentially consists of sausage and potatoes. This sumptuous British staple is enough to keep your stomach full and on a cold day, it will also keep you warm and happy. One of the best places for this dish is Mother Mash, Leadenhall and Soho.

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Originally a cheap, staple food for decades, that was traditionally associated with London’s East End, Cockles are basically a small type of clam that are mostly enjoyed by more adventurous eaters. Nowadays, you can find cockles even in grocery stores as well as in the various markets of London. Borough Market is a popular place for this food item which is basically cheap and authentic.

Full English Breakfast:

Traditionally, full English breakfast consists of a lot of items such as sausages, eggs, mushrooms, blood pudding potatoes, and toast. This great traditional British dish is said to be ideal to recover from a hangover. A full English breakfast is easy, tasty, and generally quite affordable. One of the best places for this dish is Breakfast Club.

Sticky Toffee Pudding:

Originally a Scottish delicacy, sticky toffee pudding is made with moist sponge cake stuffed with raisins or dates, drenched in a toffee sauce. It is best served with custard or ice cream. It is utterly delicious. The places to get the best toffee pudding are The Queens Arms, Kensington and The Holy Bush, Hampstead.

Afternoon Tea:

One of the most quintessential British traditions, afternoon tea reflects true British customs and gives a feel of aristocracy in which high-society, especially ladies, while away their afternoons while relishing British delicacies. Traditionally, afternoon tea consists of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream along with pastries, as well as a selection of the choicest teas for you to opt for. To truly enjoy afternoon tea, you must have at least a couple of hours for whiling away. A glass of champagne is a great accompaniment to afternoon tea. Some of the best places for afternoon tea are the Montcalm Hotels at Marble Arch and at the Barbican.

Beef Wellington:

This standard British classic dish that really has a true British name, consists of fillet steak, mostly covered with pate, and then wrapped in puff pastry and ultimately cooked. It is best described as being flaky, Moorish and filling but it now appears that it was not named after the Duke of Wellington, but after the town of Wellington, New Zealand. One of the best places to have this dish is Simpsons on the Strand.

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