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Monday , 8 March 2021
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Taxis: The Lifeline of Transportation in London

You are all set to start your journey in London and you are don’t know anything about the transportation there. You have many services to avail when you are traveling in London, right from Black Cabs to Minicabs and private hires. You need to ensure your safety while traveling and hence here is all the information about taxis in London.

Black Cabs

Though these cabs are named as black cabs, they can vary in color. These cabs can always be pre-booked and they can be hailed in streets of London. They are considered safe for a variety of reasons. The drivers have to pass the background checks and medical checks to prove that they don’t have any criminal background and are physically fit to drive. You will know that your driver is licensed one if you see a green or yellow license in their taxi.Most of these cabs provide additional benefits like Intercom and Induction Loop to their travelers. All the black Cabs run through meters and are a bit expensive when compared to private hires or Minicabs but the safety offered by these cabs make them an integral part of transportation in London.

Private Hires

Private hires include different kind of services. They can provide you minicabs, which are the cheapest option among all, as well as bigger vehicles as per your need and number of people. These vehicles can be booked from any place. Instead of running through meter, in these cabs, prices are pre-decided before starting the journey.

If you are staying in a hotel, say Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel, one of the most reputable hotels in Paddington London, then you can also find the contact details of some best private cabs services. This proves to be a great help for outsiders who are visiting London for the first time.

Safety Issues

You should be extra careful while you are traveling in any private cab. You need to ensure that the driver, who is driving you to your destination, is a licensed one. Unlike Black cabs, you can’t stop minicabs on the street. Any private hires, which are not pre-booked are illegal and you should not avail such services to maintain your safety.

These cab services in London are the lifeline of transportation because of the safety they provide. Cab services are controlled by the regulation authority who have set a standard for drivers. The taxi drivers need to clear the test called Knowledge of London to start their taxi services. They also need to prove that they have strong navigational skills. Most of these tests are taken to reduce the inconvenience faced by customers while traveling.

Black cabs, as well as minicabs, have their own importance. If you are in a hurry of heading to the station rather than waiting, you can directly book Minicabs while In normal circumstances, you can very well enjoy your Blackcab drive with a trained driver.

So if you have a plan to visit London and you are not acquainted with the transport services here, do know that the lifeline of London, cab services, are ready to serve you anytime.

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