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Spending a day in Gibraltar

Despite its tiny size, Gibraltar has so many wonderful sights to see and explore. This can pose a challenge on a short trip, to decide which to see and what to skip. Many holidaymakers to Spain like to combine their trip with a whistle-stop tour of Gibraltar, as they can walk across the border into Gibraltar.

Finding suitable accommodation should be easy, as there are plenty of hotels as well as Gibraltar holiday apartments to choose from.

For those who would prefer to skip the hotels in Gibraltar Spain offers a variety of options in the border town of La Linea.

If you are looking for a romantic venue, consider the Caleta Hotel. Gibraltar wedding couples can find a whole host of features at this property, which would make the perfect event venue! For those who have just a day’s time to visit Gibraltar, the following few things are worth checking out.

Visit the Gibraltar Museum: History buffs will enjoy a visit to the Gibraltar Museum, which showcases the history of the country since the Moors occupied the area. The museum houses a fine collection of relics, artefacts and other interesting cultural items. Gibraltar has had a tumultuous history with a number of military conflicts, which have had an impact on the geographical and social scene of the country. Learn about how settlers from different countries and backgrounds have contributed and shaped the cultural diversity of Gibraltar. The museum also has an impressive collection of pottery and art.

Explore the famous square: The epicentre of life in Gibraltar is its famous Casemates Square, located in the centre of the city. It derived its name from the British military garrison at the square’s north end. The square is a major draw with tourists and visitors and has a wonderful array of cafes, restaurants, monuments and shops. If you are short on time and want an authentic Gibraltar experience, Casemates Square is the place to visit!

Experience the thrills of an escape room: One of the latest fads gaining in popularity is that of escape rooms. Gibraltar offers visitors one of the best escape room experiences, courtesy of Rock Escape Rooms. An immersive and thrilling experience, it does not involve the usual clue-seeking and finding your way out. It challenges all your faculties and is something adventure and thrill seekers will revel in. You can choose from a variety of challenges with the military theme escape room very popular. Players have to use all their ingenuity and cunning to protect vital defence documents in this challenge.

Dolphin Safari: An extremely popular attraction for visitors to Gibraltar is experiencing the thrills of a Dolphin Safari.  The tour offers a unique opportunity to see some of the most intelligent and beautiful marine creatures in their natural habitat, swimming and playing in groups. Ride beside these amazing creatures and capture their antics on camera. There are various species of dolphins in the area including the bottlenose and striped dolphins. To ensure you get a seat, make your bookings in advance.

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