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Shrek’s Adventure London

If you are staying in London and you have a kid aged between 6 to 10 years then Shrek’s adventure is a must visit for your kid accompanied by you. It’s the newest attraction for families in London. It is an indoor adventure attraction for kids. This walk and ride adventure is inspired by Merlin Entertainments and Dream Works Animation. It is located at the County Hall riverside building in Westminster Bridge Road, London. It is open throughout the week from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. You can book a ticket for adult and kid for £23.90 & £19.20 per ticket respectively. It’s very convenient to reach this happening place if you stay at The Montcalm Royal London House Hotel. The best way to reach there by public transport is to board a train or tube up to Waterloo Junction.

Shrek’s adventure is mainly based on a 4D movie named as “Shrek”. The film is about the character Shrek, his kingdom and his friends who are the other associated characters of Dream Works. Kids will enjoy this hilarious virtual world of Shrek’s kingdom for sure. This astonishing adventure tour starts with a combination of 10 numbers of live shows which mainly consist of intense storytelling with charismatic special 4D effects. During this fairy tale show visitors shall take up the virtual world of Shrek’s kingdom and meet different characters of Dream Works. It includes a thrilling journey through dark corridors with passionate story narration changing from a high octane to another. Kids get engrossed especially with the sound of bells and some shrill whistles in between the story telling. During this adventure show visitors will meet lots of virtual characters starting from the hilarious donkeys involved in hilariously cheeky activities to beautiful princesses. Like all fairy tales one or two witches may also be encountered during this adventure story telling show. Kids less than 6 years of age may find them a bit scary for obvious reasons. So, it is recommended to take kids aged between 6 to 10 years to Shrek’s adventure. During this adventure themed show you will encounter many more further attractions like smelly swamp of Shrek, getting lost in the maze of the magic mirror and as well as finding your luck in the crystal fortune ball. You will also encounter some cheeky game shows and strong spells amazingly designed by Dream Work Animation. These game shows will throw virtual challenges to you like saving Pinocchio, beating the magic mirror of lord Farquad to bring it home safely etc. It depends on you how that how much of these challenges you can take and it makes the game shows more fun loving & thrilling.

The true portion of the adventure begins as you get in the 4D bus tour spectacularly planned and designed by Dream Works. A mischievous donkey will be the tour operator. Three 4-D games named as endless fun, calamity & chaos shall be played during this bus tour. The games are well planned to give immense joy & pleasure to kids. A good amount of briefing is done before the starting of each game to involve kids more in these amazing games. Many trained actors also take part in these games, who perform different comic stunts to make the kids laugh. The game instructions to the kids are also narrated by these performing actors. This bus tour is basically an implicit tour of the central part of the London city. This virtual tour also covers all other major projects of Dream Work Films as well. The rocking effect and the feeling of splashes are so realistic that any adult or kid will scream out of joy & thrill. This adventure game ride also includes getting taste of the Berk while learning how to become a Viking in the Berk; cameras will be ready to take your photographs while you try to balance the plates with the famous character Mr. Ping or you fire with Marty from the canon. It will take you a ride to the Valley of Peace which will enthral your mind with a strange feeling of serenity. You will travel virtually through the Madagascar Circus, which a true visual treat especially for kids. This awesome tour continues approximately for an hour and 30 minutes which is quite a value for money if compared to the other amusement options in London like the famous London Eye, which lasts only for 30 minutes and costs almost the same. The Shrek’s adventure also offers a great gift shop for your kids. You can buy a photo album of your kids which is a collage of their visit in Shrek’s from any of the tableaux outside the main gift shop. You can purchase masks of the different characters of Dream Works films appeared in the 4D film for your kids from the gift shop. They also offer different other accessories related to Dream Work
s Animation suitable for kids.

It’s inevitable that you will feel quite hungry at the lunch time after experiencing so much of thrill & adventure activities. As the County hall is rightly located at the South Bank, so you can get a vivid choice of food if you move towards Festival Hall. The best option to enjoy great food in the close vicinity is to visit any of the reputed Restaurants near Finsbury Square. You can taste great fusion foods of New Zealand with a glass of red wine in an art-deco ambience at The Modern Pantry Cafe Bar. This cafe has a separate dining room exclusively for dinner. If you wish to have a posh lunch then you can visit Burdock at The Montcalm Royal London House Hotel. They offer a long array of ethnic European Menus. They offer one of the most authentic cocktails in London city. If you are looking for a casual environment then you can go to the Finch’s Pub to have some chilled beer with some mouth watering roasted food as well.

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