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Ronda day trip from Gibraltar

Ronda is the most breath-taking town you can visit in Spain. It sits almost 700 meters above  sea level in the middle of Serranía de Ronda. It is one of the oldest and the most aristocratic towns with its rich history, buildings and atmosphere that was influenced  by several nations like Greek, Phoenicians, Puns, Romaine, Arabs and Berbers before it was conquered by the Christians in 1485.

There are some places that you should visit  during you trip, these are the followings:

Puente Nuevo

This is called the New Bridge which joins the old Moorish part and the new town, called El Mercadillo. It was rebuilt and finished in 1787 after 30 years construction – this was needed as the previous bridge fell  in 1741.

It is really eye-catching  on your way  and you will have a spectacular view from the bridge at a height of 120 meters. It shows a different face from different parts of the town.

Plaza de Torros

The oldest bull ring in Spain is located in this square. If you are not a fan of bull fighting it is still worth a visit as it has a museum which tells the history of bull fighting. It was built in 1784 and still today it is operating once per year during the Feria de Pedro Romero in September. It seats 5000 people at any one time. Tickets to the museum are available from 7 euro. For more information visit their website:

Baños Arabes

Despite of the strong Catholic influence there are still Arabian features and our favourite is the Arabic Bath. They were built in the 13th century and were well preserved during the years therefore you can feel the original atmosphere around you. Just close your eyes for a moment and enjoy. You can buy your ticket for 3.5 euro. Before your visit it worth to check their opening hours to make sure you can get in:

In addition you will have the chance to visit the Plaza Duquesa de Parcent which has the Santa Maria del Mayor church and the Palacio del Rey Moro y La Mina. During your day make sure you eat in one of the restaurants with beautiful views and in the heart of the town

From Gibraltar you can go for a one day trip on your own by car or make a reservation with Blands travel. They are organizing trips to Ronda on Tuesdays. It costs £65 per person that includes visit to Santa Maria del Mayor church, El Tajo Gorge and visit the winery called La Sangre. Here at the Caleta Hotel we are happy to assist you to make reservations for any trip.

Find out more about a Day in Gibraltar here.

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