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Non-Traditional Honeymoon Ideas

Once the big day is done, and all the nerves and the stresses of planning a wedding are gone, there is only one last thing to do to seal the deal. Go on your honeymoon! The honeymoon gives you the first taste of what it’s like to spend days alone with the person of your dreams and what better way to share this special moment then to enjoy the unconventional. Of course, spending a week in a secluded island sounds appealing or booking a spa break at Montcalm Finsbury Square Spa is excellent, however, there are several non-traditional ways that one can celebrate a honeymoon. In this article, we will highlight our top 5 non-traditional honeymoon ideas.

Gift of giving back

There is something so rewarding about taking part in a project that gives back to the less fortunate or helping out at an animal shelter. Do something entirely different for your honeymoon and spread the Love by giving back to your community. Not only will the experience draw you closer to your partner, but you will also learn to appreciate all that you have merely by giving the gift of Love. There are several volunteer programs that one can take part in London.

Take your close friends and family on an adventure tour of London

London is a city with 32 boroughs, and although living in the city, you might find that there are several places in the city that you have yet to explore. Something fun and unconventional to do is plan a jam-packed itinerary and experience all the highlights of the city. Start your experience with these things to do Finsbury park and make your way to the city centre to see all the many attractions that London has to offer.

Take a food tour of the city

This one is for all the food lovers out there. Travelling and food always go hand-in-hand, and as the saying goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Th than London. There is no better city to embark on a culinary journey than London. The town is filled with restaurants and eateries serving food from different parts of the globe. Start your tour on the West End of London and head to all the markets that the city has to offer. You will find cheap whole foods and locally sourced produce from some of the market vendors, then gradually make your way to restaurants near Finsbury square. To end off your food journey, make sure to dine at some of the top Michelin star restaurants located in the borough of Chelsea and Kensington.

Go house hunting

House hunting is inevitable, so why not use the time off work as an opportunity to search for your dream home. If you have enough time, you could go the extra mile and design your own home. This is probably the only time you and your partner will have to plan for your future without any interruptions from work.

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