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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Most Fascinating Books On Berlin

Berlin has always stirred a lot of interest across the world. Germany and Berlin both has quite a fascinating history with all the World Wars virtually centred about these places, and then the Berlin Wall. Berlin is a city which has a rich history and culture as well as has quite a fascinating number of recent events which creates it one of the most intriguing cities in the world. Then, there is the point that you will not find another city like Berlin. Berlin is not like anyone, it is a city with its own identity. With so many points, it is no wonder that numerous authors over the years have decided to write their novels or books based on Berlin. Let us take a look at the most fascinating books on Berlin.

111 Places In Berlin That You Shouldn’t Miss

This is more like a guide to the city of Berlin than a book on the city. There are places listed in the boom which you will seldom find on the information brochures for tourists. You will not find the mentioning of Postdamer Platz or Alexanderplatz, if that is what defines Berlin for you. You will, rather, be introduced to the wonderful Turkish Beer Garden, and the house of David Bowie, and other such highly unlikely places in Berlin, but very interesting ones no doubt. The best part about this book is that it comes with a picture of every place, thus you have a virtual trip of the entire city.

Book Cover In Weimar Republic

It might not look like a book on Berlin, but, Weimar Republic being located in Berlin, most of the book covers in this 450 page publication is about the books published in Berlin. One of the most interesting thing about this book is certainly that there are hardly any book you will come across which is about the book covers. Another interesting point is the book covers dating back to the times of the World Wars. There are stories behind each book cover and this is what makes this book worth reading. You will have many fascinating stories about Berlin as well.

 Abandoned Berlin

If, like me, you are a fan of places where most people do not visit and the places which have a completely different view as compared to all the other parts of the city, you will simply love this book. Berlin has many abandoned places and not all of them are allowed to visit. More importantly, you will never find the mentioning of these places in any catalogue or travel guide. The book brings the abandoned part of part of Berlin alive and gifts you a completely different Berlin to you that yo can enjoy on your next visit to the city.

Street-Art In Berlin

Street Art is quite common in Berlin. Whether or not you are a lover of art, you will absolutely love these street arts and graffiti. The book compiles the most beautiful graffiti works in Berlin and various other street arts.

There are many places in the city of Berlin ton visit as a tourist. My suggestion will be to take a look at these books and explore the unknown Berlin the next time you visit. Hotels in Berlin are plenty an Hotel Alsterhof Berlin is one of my personal favourites.

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