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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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London’s Best Repair Shop

London’s Best Repair Shop

There are many things that we throw away, despite of the fact that they can be fixed! In the current economical and delicate times, one doesn’t need to buy a new product when the old one can be repaired to get them back into action. Here are some of the best repair shops in London which repairs many different products.

British Invisible Mending Service

British Invisible Mending Service is the 66 years old establishment located at 1 Hinde Street, known for specialized repairing of woven and knitted clothing items.  The invisible mending process is a hand job, meticulously lacing individual threads to recreate spoiled areas on clothing, but it becomes a difficult task when some requires very light threads.

There are many skilled menders who are working with the repair firm from last 20 years and few menders are from last 40 years. Over the years the British Invisible Mending Service has been asked to repair some unusual damaged items.


General Leather Company


The General Leather Company was established in 1971 located in Baker Street. The company dedicatedly creates the premium quality customized Leather and Suede clothes for all men, women and children.

The General Leather Company also offers expert Leather alteration and repair services from their Marylebone store located in Cent0l London.


Sendean Cameras

Sendean formerly known as Bowen’s was established in 1926 in Soho. A1 the Polish company merged with Sendean in 2000 and strengthened their position. The firm values their customers and endeavors to provide high level services.

They are highly considered by the media sector, with professional photographers, actors and musicians as their regular clientele. They brag about their technicians who carry out all types of repairs and can repair cameras that other companies cannot even think off.


Artel House

Artel is an alliance created by the craftsmen with a dream of generating exceptional pieces of furnishings with the cocktail of traditional and modern touch concurrently.

The progression of transmutation when unattractive chair befall stunning again is the most stimulating part of the cycle.

Psubliminal Bike Shop


The Psubliminal Bike Shop started its operations 12 years back and still going strong.  They are located in Balham, at a short walking distance from Clapham South and Balham tube station.

The company offers a speedy and economical repair services considering puncture and same day services apart from tyres pumping. They also offer on the spot perforate repairs for buggies. Most of the bikes are repaired on the spot.

Recently company has started cycle scheme, which help clients to save around 30-50% on actual expense.

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