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London through the Eyes of a Food Lover

Do you know what is more interesting about travel other than visiting unseen places and enjoying the view of various attractions? It is the food that every place has to offer its visitors. Of course, you might say that being a food lover it is hard to notice anything else other than food even while travelling. However, can you really ignore the lure of those delicious and sumptuous meals, the aroma and new flavors, the delicacies never tasted before? Probably not! One of the major reasons why travelling attracts us is because it allows us to taste different cuisines and enjoy the local menus of the place. And, if you know what to listen to and what to look out for, you will know a great deal about a city simply by tasting its cuisines. The food of a place holds the key to its history, culture and heritage in a unique fashion that can be discovered only by those who genuinely love food and wish to know the tale behind each flavor.

Even though London is pretty popular among tourists and travellers for the rich history and culture it possesses, the Museums in City of London and various places of historical importance that tell the tale of the city in an unprecedented fashion, it was not really considered to be a great attraction for food lovers. Well, that has certainly changed in the past decades or so. The city has always been rich in culture and in the recent few decades been quite welcoming towards people from various cultures and society. This gave rise to a multicultural London that wasn’t too common during the earlier days of the Great Britain.

Any historian or social scientist will point out how different cities have grown and flourished in terms of art, culture, heritage and other such aspects when they opened up to the culture from across the globe. The same occurred in London and the result is the modern London that has become a food lover’s paradise as well. So, next time you are planning a trip to London, don’t just put the various places to visit on your itinerary, include what food to taste and where to find them in London too. The taste of the city has greatly improved in the past few years and you will be missing out on enjoying one of the most beautiful aspects of London if you fail to visit some of the best eateries and food lovers’ hangouts in the city.

Let’s begin the food exploration from central London. If you have never been to the street side stall of the city, it is time you should check this one out. Bao, also known as the Bao Bar, is one of the best eateries you will come across in the Netil Market. Located in the central part of London, it is easy to get to and you will find one of the best ice-creams in London. However, that’s not all the place has to offer. There are five other options to choose from as well to go with the Bao (bun).

Remember the movie Notting Hill? If you wish to check out one of the places in London where the movie was shot you will have to get to East London, to Columbia Road. Well, checking out places of special attractions all day long can truly get tiring. You might think that finding the best places to have food is mostly located in the central part of the city, but the area near the Columbia Road has a fine eatery that goes by the name of Brawn. The flavor of France in almost every meal served at this restaurant is not only among the best but leaves an everlasting memory too.

London isn’t known much for its Mexican food delights. Even though it is true that there are not many places in the city that serves really great Mexican food, there is this one place every food lover should visit if they have a love for Mexican gourmet delights. Located Old Compton Street, La Bodega Negra will not look like traditional restaurant. Those who are familiar with similar places might even mistake it for a sex shop. But rest assured, the place is the best location to get best Mexican foods.

While you are in London and enjoying world cuisine, there is no way you are going to miss out on some Indian flavors. Well, it is not as spicy as it is in some part of India, but the taste of the food is authentic and all those who love the taste of Indian spices and preparations, will certainly not complaint about the place. Dishoom has four outlets all across the city and no matter where you are staying you are never too far away from one of their branches.

London has a lot to offer. There are various types of cuisines, and there are the special attractions all across the city. But, even with all these, there is one particular aspect of the capital that always stands out – it is the relation of London with luxury and royalty. While you check out the best place to stay, you will probably come across some of the top of the line hotel chains. However, check the location first. Accommodation near Brewery Road London City is something any traveller or tourist will love. The Montcalm at the Brewery London City is one of the finest hotels to book in this region. But do not forget to make advanced booking.

London is a costly city no doubt. However, a little planning can set you right on track for one of the most memorable holidays, and what best to enjoy during your stay in the English capital than the various types of food that the city has in store? If you are thinking what about the English foods, it’s something that you can get plenty for yourself. Just don’t miss out the food being served the first thing in the morning. The English certainly know how to make the perfect cup of tea.

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