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Information And Insights About The History And Culture Of London

From fire, population explosions, plague to economic recessions aerial bombing, terrorism and urban blight, London has survived all that history could have thrown at it. However, even after surviving so much, it still stays the most happening, ever evolving and seductive city in the world. Also, not to forget that it ranks top on the list of tourist holiday destinations from all over the world.

Significance Of Culture On London

When you are talking about cultural scene of London, it is more likely to be a collective term including the arts, festivals, music, and every other form of entertainment which is prevalent in the city. At the same time, it is also believed to be the cultural capital of the world although, there are many other cities aligned for the same title.

The city, in particular, is known for its theater culture, and its West End area is came to be known as famously as the West End Theatre. It is where a strand of mainstream professional theaters and shows are staged in London. Apart from this, there are all notable cultural attractions found in the city like Tate Galleries exhibiting both national and international arts.

There is also National Gallery famous for its paintings done by famous personalities. If you look at the festivals, then there are several of them each upholding a different side of the culture from all over the world. Like the Notting Hill Carnival which is known to bring out the rich Caribbean culture of the place.

A range of buildings and monuments in London is also referred to as cultural icons associated with the city like the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye and also Buckingham Palace. Visitors can also associate with the other icons of the city like red telephone booth and the red double-decker buses along with the underground tube and black cab. This city is home to many nationalities, and over time all these nationalities have help giving a shape to the culture of this city. Stay at a hotel near london paddington like shaftesbury premier paddington and get in touch with the culture this city has to offer.

Cultural Icon: Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abby is one of the oldest buildings in London and also depicts the rich culture and history this place is being preserved over the centuries. It is also a burial ground for more than 3000 people including many famous personalities and soldiers of World War I. Many monarchs are interred here until George II in 1760, and crowning ceremonies are still carried on out here.

The royal tombs of monarchs placed here are Elizabeth I and also her half-sister Queen Mary in the Lady Chapel. There are also poets lying close by like Geoffrey Chaucer in 1400. He was a clerk of King’s Work to Palace of Westminster. Other Tombs includes that of Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist and also the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton and famous explorer David Livingstone. Being a national shrine, this place is the tomb for countless bodies of soldiers who died during the war. Many royal weddings also took place here and the most recent ones are that of Prince William’s to Kate Middleton.

In the South Transept part of the abbey, there is a place known as Poet’s Corner which houses the remains of many famous poets’ such as Edmund Spencer, Chaucer, Dryden, Samuel Johnson, Dickens, Sheridan and also Kipling. Ben Jonson was buried standing up as he did not wish to take up too much space.

Some Facts About Culture Of London

The culture of London is admirable and fascinating at the same time. These facts about London’s culture will only blow off your mind. Three of the world’s top ten museums are located in London, and this culturally vibrant city in the world has 857 art galleries in total. Culture is so overwhelming here that, four UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in London like Tower Of London, Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, Westminster Palace, and Maritime Greenwich.

Speaking of language, there are 300 spoken in London, and it is more than any other city in the world. Language is not all upholding its culture, but music is also quite vibrant here as this city stages more than 17000 performances in a year and across more than 300 venues in London. It includes the O2 Arena, the famous music venue in the world. The inhabitants of the city are also quite serious in preserving the cultural heritage of the capital. As they believe, it will ensure a higher quality of life.

Out of the 170 museums in London 11 are national including the British Museum which is the home of culture thousands of years old like the Rosetta Stone from 196 BC. This is also the land of festivals as over 250 festivals takes place here. Amongst them, the largest free festival is the Mayor’s Thames Festival and the biggest street festival in Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival which attracts more than a million people including visitors.

The first performance of Punch and Judy show at Covent Garden was recorded to be on 9 May 1662 in the diary of Samuel Pepy’s. London is the only city in the world which hosts live comedy. It ranges from new talent in back room of pubs to the famous ones like Steve Coogan and Chris Rock.

From the first recorded performance of Shakespeare at The Globe in 1599, there are now like 200 shows to choose every day across the West End Theaters. Similar to the Globe, Wilton’s Music Hall in the city is also the world’s oldest and surviving music hall built in 1743. It is the living piece of London’s musical legacy. London has also played a major role in a countless number of films from A Clockwork Orange to Harry Potter series. Owing to this, it is referred to as the third busiest film production center in the world.

These are some of the greatest factors that contribute in aiming this, the most culturally vibrant cities in the world and a favorite holiday destination as well over the time and the popularity is still growing

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