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How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring

If you’ve forgotten to use your free ring sizer and wound up with a ring that’s nipping or slipping off your finger, fortunately it’s easy to have it resized. But before you go ahead, you might be wondering exactly how much it costs to resize a ring.

The cost of resizing your ring will depend on a couple of factors. Firstly, exactly how much larger or smaller you need it to be. Note, the band’s thickness will impact this – the slimmer the ring, the cheaper to resize! Secondly, the type of metal the ring is made of. And finally, any adjustments required to accommodate any gemstones in the ring.

Smaller v larger

Reducing the size of a ring will usually work out cheaper than increasing one. That’s because to expand a ring requires adding extra metal. Most jewellers will opt to cut through the band and insert a bridge to make the ring larger. This is the most reliable way to resize a ring that is too tight.

To reduce a ring that has extra wiggle room, the jeweller will, again, cut the band. Then they will remove the surplus material before neatly soldering the ring back to one piece.

How does the material of the ring impact the cost?

Gold: The purer the gold, the softer the material is, which makes the task of resizing a gold ring the easiest. However, the more carats a gold ring has the more valuable the ring so this can increase the price. Rose gold is brittle and is known to crack during the procedure. Not all jewellers will agree to resize a rose gold ring, and those who do may charge a premium.

Silver: Like gold, silver is relatively soft and can be resized with ease. Gold vermeil rings are fashioned from silver sterling which is coated with molten gold. Do factor in the additional expense of the ring being recoated.

Platinum: This hard, tough metal has a much higher melting point than gold which makes platinum rings more time consuming to resize. Plus, they require different tools. You could expect to pay upwards of £150 to resize a platinum ring.

Accommodating gemstones

If you have multiple stones, more work is required and this will bump up the cost of resizing your ring. In some cases, the stones will need to be completely reset. Occasionally jewellers must remove the stones to protect them whilst resizing the ring.

As you can see, it is tricky to provide an accurate cost of resizing a ring; it varies from ring to ring. It might cost anything from £50 to upwards of £200, depending on the specifics. Make enquiries with reputable jewellers with your specifications.

Before investing in further jewellery, it is recommended that you determine your ring size. You can find your ring size using the free online guide which Jewel Tree London have kindly made available for their customers. They even offer a free ring sizer that they will post to you for free!


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