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How hotel companies can win customers through an excellent mobile marketing plan

A huge number of tourists are using smartphones to book their holidays and this is why firms need to ensure their websites are mobile-friendly. Accommodations should learn about email marketing and make sure they understand how to use this tool to appeal to potential guests. A brilliant way to attract attention to the website is to send customers email messages about the residence including ideas about future visits, special deals and information about nearby sights. Emails should capture the attention of the reader so it is crucial to keep the text in the email copy short, as well as completely relevant to what the subject line is talking about.


A great digital marketing for hotels tip is that the email should have a bold headline and an interesting subheading to entice a customer to want to read what is on offer. A headline must directly get to the point of what the email is about and customers should understand quickly what they are being told. Images are a massive help in this type of situation as pictures are particularly useful in the travel industry to attract customers to want to reserve a room. When tourists see photos of sandy beaches or a beautiful hotel they will be tempted to stay there.

Travellers will usually notice the images before they read anything in an email, which will help them to make a decision about clicking onto the website. Another important way of attracting customers is to learn about mobile marketing tactics, and what is vital here is to understand social media. Companies should be signed up to at least the big three sites of Facebook, Twitter and picture-sharing site Instagram. The posts on social media should be regular and accommodations must include a variety of content on there for tourists to enjoy.

They must also recruit the help of a professional marketing agency such as Digital Hotelier to guide them through to success. This digital marketing agency has experts who can aid with creating a bespoke site with an excellent web design that truly fits a company’s brand. They can provide a fantastic booking engine as well as a revenue management plan. The hard-working staff members will audit the business and offer important advice on creating an app. They will succeed in bringing in new customers to a hotel firm through excellent social media, blogs and short videos helping companies compete with rivals in the travel industry.

Putting user-generated content on social media feeds is a great way to interact with potential or existing guests. Anyone that shares a positive travel story on their social media account should be highlighted on the hotel’s profile page. One of the most important things a firm should do is consider creating an app, which helps to increase customer loyalty. It is crucial to get the right people for hotel app development that understand the company and what makes it unique. Firms should also ensure they offer customers short videos and photos on their social media accounts and their app to entice them to learn about the accommodation.


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