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Head to the Glorious Medina of Marrakesh that Provides a Beautiful Place to Relax

The city of Marrakesh is a lovely destination to head to for a holiday as it has stunning scenery, amazing markets and a wonderful medina area that has been preserved well over the years. Tourists heading to this beautiful city will enjoy its fabulous combination of historic buildings and impressive gardens. The city has had an interesting history and it’s said the best architecture was built under the Saadian rulers and later the Alawite dynasty. During the first era the El Badi Palace and the Saadian tombs were built that are both amazing places to visit. The latter rule was when the captivating Menara and Agdal Gardens were beautifully designed and created.

The city is steeped in heritage so has these amazing historic sights and gardens, but it has also always offered a vibrant place for travellers to visit. This can be experienced through its central square, the Djemaa El Fna, which is frequented daily by many dancers, acrobats, musicians and entertainers. The square leads on to alleyways and other small squares where the souks or markets are found. These retail hubs are very exciting and sell all manner of things from clothes to food and spices. They are popular with tourists as they are a very historic part of the city, but also a lot of fun where travellers can haggle with traders over the price of their purchases.

Marrakesh has many cultural institutions on offer in the city including the fabulous Berber Museum that’s found in the fantastic Majorelle Gardens. There is also the Dar Si Said Museum housed in a palace that offers interesting artefacts such as musical instruments and wood carvings. The city has a range of amazing green spaces to venture to for a relaxing walk that include the Palmeraie with numerous palm trees. There are the wonderful Menara Gardens with gorgeous olive groves and fruit trees. A stunning piece of architecture in this lovely city is the outstanding Koutoubia Mosque that is an impressive building made from red stone and brick.  

The wonderful Kenzi Menara Palace hotel is a great choice of accommodation for travellers heading to the city who want to venture there for a relaxing break. This luxury hotel in Marrakesh is ideal for travellers who want to be close to the mesmerising Atlas Mountains. The residence offers great rooms and suites with modern facilities, and business guests are really looked after by the excellent staff members and will appreciate the hotel’s six meeting rooms. The accommodation has the amazing Spa by Terraké that offers fantastic massages and hammam, as well as a mixed sauna and Turkish bath to allow travellers to totally unwind.

The old Medina area is a lovely place to relax by heading to one of the amazing cafes that have lovely mint tea or delicious tagines. There are many beaches on the coast near this fantastic city that are only a short drive away. Here travellers can try out some exciting water sports such as swimming, sailing or kayaking. Golf fans can also venture to The Samanah Golf course where they can have a leisurely round or two of the game with fellow travelling companions. Marrakesh is a top city that’s ideal for work or play, and especially great to relax and soak up the sunshine.

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