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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Having Fun In London With Friends

Life is all about finding happiness in the little joys and surprises you get in the journey and London embraces this concept of life and ensures that every little thing in this city successfully entertains the visitors and Londoners alike. When you are travelling to this place with friends, a lot of excitement and joy fills your heart. Most likely you are looking for unusual and fun things to do in the city so that the time you spend with your friends becomes memorable.

If you are bored with the usual stuff in London like museums, sightseeing and landmarks, then, the capital waits for a whole new range of activities for you to participate. These are some of the crazy and inspirational ideas which you might want to experience in this not so usual yet traditional city. First you need to pick a central location of the city so that the major modes of commute in well within your reach. With this note, you can any West end hotels or The Piccadilly hotel London, for you will find many options here well within your budget.

Pedalo In Park

While every tourist will visit the Hyde Park, one of the most popular Royal parks of the city, there will hardly be any to hire a pedalo. Now, if you are wondering what pedalo is, then, it is a rowing boat and is perfect to spending a lazy afternoon with a friend. During the summer months, Serpentine Lake offers a perfect opportunity to hire a pedalo and enjoy with your friends. And when you are feeling a little too lazy, UK’s first Solar Shuttle is also available in London which is powered by the sun.

Whether you and your bunch of friends relax, day dream or just enjoy the view around while the magnificent vessel of Solar Shuttle glides silently across the lake providing a great view. It is one of the fun things you can on your very first day of staying in London.

Visiting The A&F Store

If you want to experience the weirdest retail in London, drop by at Abercrombie & Fitch shop. When you will enter, at the first glance it will seem more like a night club to you rather than a shop to buy clothes. The ambiance is that of pitch dark interior, with neon colored lights and strong cologne smell. To make the ambiance even more intense, there is loud music blasting in the background, giving you the best night club feels ever.

The staff of this place is a different story altogether. They roam around shirtless and are quite an eye candy to look at. A perfect place to be in London is this shop, when you are with friends and have some shopping to do. This place can also be counted as one of the girly things to do while you are in the capital.

Climb The Largest Escalator In Europe

Even a tube station escalator can be fun and exciting in London. If you do not know that yet, visit the Angel tube station having an escalator which is 60 meters long and has a vertical rise of astonishing 30 meters. It also boasts of being the largest escalator in Europe. Thus, if you want a free ride, what can be better than this? Another interesting fact about this escalator is, unlike any other London escalator, this one directly gets you to the shops so f you are looking for some shopping, you will like to climb this one.

Somerset House

If you and your friends are fond of skating and visiting the city during winter, enjoy ice skating at Somerset House which is one of the scenic places of the city. It becomes even more beautiful in winter with the snow capped scenery adding a character to the entire space. You will feel like in a movie set where you and your friends can enjoy few graceful moves and have the best time together.

Notting Hill Arts Club and its free gigs

Want to enjoy best of music in one of the prettiest neighborhood in London? Then, be at Notting Hill Arts Club which showcases upcoming DJs and bands. It is running for 8 years on every Saturday evening and the good news for you and your friends is entry in this club is free.

You can watch live performances ranging from alt-folk and electronic to indie pop and post rock. And if your friend or you are a band member by chance, then, you will get the chance to showcase your talent on stage.

Camping Out At Wimbledon

Enjoy nature as it comes by camping at the Wimbledon. It is the affordable and one of the best things to do in the city. The nature loves juts need to grab a night the before you want to go to camping. This is so much fun and you can share few clicks with your friends while camping out.

Locate A Banksy

Banksy is the pseudo name in the world of graffiti as it is the name of the world known graffiti artist, film director and political activist. He is one of the prominent names in street art and his satirical pieces can be spotted on walls, bridges of cities throughout the world. Spotting a Banksy is one of the trending things to do at present times in London as several one of them have been peeled off and is auctioned in the London hotels. So call yourself lucky if you spot a street art by Banksy.

Visit The Expensive Houses Of London At Open House Weekend

Finding free activities to indulge in London is not that tough and you will find another one in Open House weekend taking place in the month of September every year. This is one of the rare opportunities where, visitors are invited to take a look inside of the expensive homes and historic buildings of the city. It is like a once in a lifetime chance to take a glance at the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. And you will get to see all these things for free.

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