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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Great Alternatives To Famous Attractions Of London With Lesser Hassles

If you are visiting London or if you are studying abroad there, sightseeing is always on top of your mind basically because the city offers many worth-seeing attractions and things to do. However, what deters most people is that at most such places, there is always a surge of tourists especially during the summer and it becomes difficult to enter the attraction and jostle your way through to see the important aspects of the place. As such, the whole fun of the visit gets lost in an effort to find a place for yourself. The following analysis will show how you can find equally good alternatives to the most famous sites in London so that you can avoid the crowded and overrated places and still get an equal measure of fun.

Visit Camden Market Instead of Oxford Street:

If you wish to avoid the crowds of Oxford Street, which is no doubt very famous and offers a large number of department stores and other shops selling branded and other goods, your best option is to visit Camden Market which is held on weekends in the Camden Lock. This market has a large number of stalls where you can find almost everything from the latest fashion clothes to sundials. You will find a lot of crazy cool products and you will be able to buy any item that you like with ease. Your whole shopping experience will be full of fun as you will not find the crazy crowds that throng Oxford Street. If you feel hungry, you will find the world food market where you can enjoy all types of cuisines such as Mexican, Korean, South African and Iranian food.

Camden Market

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Visit Southbank to Avoid the Crowds of Piccadilly Circus:

Piccadilly Circus is no doubt the hub of all activities in London and it is always intensely crowded with tourists, particularly at the middle of the roundabout. Moreover, there is always a plethora of cars and buses moving all around you, creating a lot of noise because of the heavy traffic condition. Instead, you can choose the Southbank area which is ideal for taking a walk, unhindered by any crowds, along the river as also to see the sights with ease. Moreover, many special events also take place during the summer such as the Wonderground and the Love Festival. You will feel relaxed here due to the absence of the crowds that are seen in Piccadilly Circus. There are other activities also that you can indulge in such as a spin on the carousel, skating at the mini skate park or seeing a show at the National Theatre or at Hayward Gallery. You will find plenty of fun, different types of restaurants and street performances that will ensure a great evening for you.

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Visit Primrose Hill Instead of the London Eye:

In order to get a panoramic view of the city many people spend a lot of money to get on the London Eye and although they get a splendid view, they have to wait for a long time before your capsule reaches the top as the wheel moves very slowly. Instead, you can climb up to the top of Primrose Hill where you can see the beautiful skyline of London which is equally good both in the daytime and at night and you don’t have to spend anything.

Primrose Hill park

Tower of London is Unique:

There is hardly any alternative to this popular tourist attraction which is worth every penny that you spend for entry as you can learn a lot about British history of the royalty and you can see the Crown Jewels.

Visit V&A Instead of Madame Tussauds:

Visiting Madame Tussauds takes a lot of money and effort to stand in a queue to enter and all that you can see are some wax figures which are made by talented sculptors with fascinating realism but most of them are based on outdated paintings, especially those of people long gone by. Instead, it is a good idea to visit Victoria & Albert Museum that offers exhibitions from classical art from all over the world to exhibitions on fashion. The permanent collection is free to see.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Visit Hampton Court Palace Instead of Buckingham Palace:

It is hardly likely that you will ever see the Queen even if you keep standing outside Buckingham Palace for days on end. Moreover, the Changing of the Guard is also a mundane procedure in which men in uniform simply swap shifts. Instead you can see Hampton Court Palace as it is beautiful to see and there are expansive gardens, a maze and beautiful art and architecture. You can also walk the halls of Henry VIII and get to know the history behind the manor dating back to 1236.

Visit Tiny Theatre Instead of a West End Theatre:

You can find some of the most exciting theatre in the tiny, artistic theatres instead of in the big theatres of the West End. You can find many tiny theatres that offer excellent productions such as the Donmar which offers stellar performances and an intimate venue. The Print Room is another tiny theatre offering great talent and alternative performances.

Similarly, you can visit Outdoor Cinema, especially in the summer instead of the regular cinemas in Leicester Square and instead of visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum that always has long lines for entry you can visit the various free museums such as the British Museum, the Science Museum, The Tate and the National Gallery.

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