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Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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Enjoy the various events that take place at the Trooping the Colour

The city of London is famous for many things, and is home to dozens of popular tourist attractions. Tourists and business persons from all over the world visit London to enjoy the beauty of the city and to establish their business relations. It is the city which offers a mixture of ancient history and the modern era. The city comes with an endless number of historical monuments that reflect to the charm of the ancient British Empire. It is also a very profitable destination for business travellers as well, because it houses almost all the multinational companies. From historical monuments to wonderful shopping destinations, London has plenty to offer to the visitors and because of this it is marked by the presence of tourists from every corner of the world. It is also a place of various events and celebrations that take place all around the year.

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 Sightseeing in London – which attractions need tickets?

There are many tourist attractions in the city that requires you to buy a ticket in order to enjoy. While, there are also many attractions in the city in which you can enjoy free of costs. Entry into most of the museums and art galleries of the city is free of cost, you can admire the artwork there without spending your bucks. Some of the attractions in London, which need you to buy a ticket are Madame Tussauds London, whose tickets start from £29, the Tower of London, the London Eye and many more. The price of the tickets of the Tower of London starts from £22, while the price of the tickets for the London Eye starts from £20.70. London is also a place for various events, which feature with tickets. One of such prestigious events in London, which requires you to buy a ticket is the Trooping the Colour.

 When is the event hosted?

Trooping the Colour is an annual event to celebrate the official birthday of the British sovereign. The event is usually held in June. Although the queen was born on 21st April, still the event is celebrated June in order to enjoy better weather. The regiments of the Commonwealth and British armies perform during the event and it has been a tradition since the 17th Century when the colours or the flags were trooped down the ranks so that all the soldiers are able to see and recognize them. The ceremony is attended by the queen in a carriage which is drawn by a horse, while her personal troops and the regiments of the Household Division parade in front of her. More than 1400 soldiers and 200 horses take part in the parade. The event is carried out by fully trained and operational troops. The ceremony is watched by the Royal Family, members of the public and the invited guests.

 The Queen inspects the foot guards as well as the horse guards of her Household Division in the Whitehall and then receives a royal salute. After the salute she rides her carriage leading the troops to the majestic Buckingham Palace. The St. James’s Park is the venue which host this prestigious and royal event. You can get a great view of the event from the St. James’s Park as well as The Mall, which is the road between the Buckingham Palace and the Trafalgar Square.

 The event can be celebrated on 1st, 2nd or 3rd Saturday of June. This year it will be celebrated on 15th June and is expected to visited by all the members of the Royal Family and eminent guests. As soon as the clock of the Horse Guards Building hit 11 am, the arrival of the Royal Procession begins and the queen is greeted by a Royal Salute. Then the queen inspects the troops and marches to the Buckingham Palace and reaches the balcony of the palace at 1 pm, from where she watches Royal Air Force fly past and then the gun salute at the Tower of London.

 How to buy the tickets?

It is a Royal event the does not require you to buy a ticket, but in order to be able to witness such a brilliant Royal celebration closely you will have to purchase a seated stand ticket for the event. In order to grab a seated stand ticket for the event, you will have to apply for the ticket in January and February. The application must be in writing and must be sent by post. The letter must enclose a stamped addressed envelope, which must be addressed to the Brigade Major of the Household Division. If your application is accepted only then you will be eligible to purchase the ticket for the ceremony.

 When you are writing the letter, it is very important to include the number of the tickets you need or you will be asked to write again. You can request a maximum number of 3 tickets for the Trooping the Colour event. But you can also request tickets for the rehearsals, which can be even more than 3. You will also receive a letter in return which will provide you with detailed information about various events that are supposed to be held during the event. If you get lucky, then in March you will receive an offer letter to purchase the tickets along with the payment details. It is very important for you to know that they accept only checks in UK pound sterling and they do not accept credit card payments.

 If you are one of those chosen ones for the event, then there are many comfortable hotels located near the venue in which you can stay and enjoy the whole event along with the rehearsals. The Shaftesbury Premier London Piccadilly is one such hotel that offer luxurious and comfortable accommodation facilities to the visitors who wish to enjoy this royal celebration. The hotel comes with all the modern services in order to make sure that your stay is full of comfort and joy.

 Trooping the Colour is an annual event, which celebrates the birthday of the queen. You can apply for the seated stand tickets for the event.

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