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Enjoy the Christmas in London with this Christmas Carol guide

Christmas in London is indeed very special and you get a chance to different ways of celebrating your Christmas Holidays. If you are among them who get bored on the Christmas in London, you will be surprised to know that there are a plethora of activities that you can indulge in while being in London. If you are a tourist and wish to celebrate Christmas in London in a different way all together, here is the list of activities that can you can take up and their venues. You are bound to make your Christmas memorable.


•Christmas Carol is organised at various places in London which you can attend and enjoy.
•This Christmas, come to Victorian London and get drowned in the festivity of its own kind.
•There are a host of activities awaiting you here, ranging from Scrooge’s guided walking tour for shopping at the Oxford Street.

Celebrate Christmas, Victorian London style
Many tourists visit London on the eve of Christmas to participate in the Carol and get a feel of celebration which is quintessential to Victorian London.

•Guided walking tour to Scrooge’s London: According to the Christmas Carol story by Charles Dickens, Scrooge had once locked the door on the Christmas Eve and walked on the street to his house. A guided tour is organised where you can follow the footsteps of the Scrooge and enjoy the Dickensian walk. You get to pass through the dark alleys of the city starting from the Charles Dickens Museum and terminates at St Paul’s Cathedral. This guided tour is organised on Mondays and Fridays at 3 in the evening and on Wednesday from 11 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The tour lasts for 2 hours and while you become tired, you also feel the festivity in the air. You can book the tickets in advance for this guided tour from the official website of Charles Dickens Museum. This walk will certainly be one of the most memorable and cherished walks of your life.

•A visit to Charles Dickens Museums: Another attraction that can be visited to make your Dickensian Christmas celebration even more fruitful is the Charles Dickens Museum. The museum is located on Doughly Street, London. Charles Dickens old home has been transformed into a museum and you tend to travel back in time when you visit the museum. The old home of Dickens will surely rekindle the festivity inside you and fill you with happiness and glee. You can hear about the stories of Christmas at the house of the man who started the festival of Christmas. The house of Charles Dickens is fondly called as “my house in town” by the local residents. The museum offers a plethora of events in the month of December, especially Christmas. There are candle light flickering all over the house which makes for the perfect Christmas setting. There is a full list of events which can be seen on the official website of Charles Dickens Museum.

•Enjoy a drink or two at Dicken’s drinking den: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is an old bar where Charles Dickens used to drink. The visitors can have a similar feeling sitting at the bar and indulging in some drinking. There can’t be a better way than merry making on the Christmas eve with the ghost of Christmas present. This pub was rebuilt shortly after the fire  incident which took place in the year 1966. This old and dilapidated pub was frequented by Charles Dickens. The little pub is located in a small alleway on Fleet Street. The speciality of the pub is the vaulted Cellar serving you drinks, open fireplaces and kidney pie which is quite delicious. This is the perfect place to relax after a session of shopping at the nearby shopping destinations. There are many shopping venues where you can indulge in shopping and relax in the pub after you are done with it.

•Guided Tour of Highgate Cemetery: Another attraction that you can experience as the part of the Dickensian Christmas celebration. As a child, you must be scared of the Christmas Ghost Yet to come and this makes Highgate Cemetery so famous among all. Charles Dickens’ wife, brother and children are also believed to be the resident of the place. The cemetery is located at Swain’s Ln, London which is easily accessible. There are guided tours conducted from Monday to Friday at 1:45 pm and every half an hour on weekends. You will surely like this guided walk tour pondering about your own mortality.

•Indulge in shopping at Leadenhall Market: London offers various options for shopping and dining. Those tourists who visit London make it a point to indulge in shopping at the city’s best markets, including Regent’s Market, Oxford Street Market, Portobello Market and many more. When you are going for Christmas shopping Leadenhall market is the best choice for you. Leadenhall Market is an opulent market located at the Grace Church street where you can find a lot of stuff for Christmas. According to the Historians, in the story Christmas Carol, Leadenhall market has been referred by the Scrooge. The shops at Leadenhall market are open from Monday through Friday. The shop timing is from 10 am to 6 PM. It is recommended that you visit the market after dark so that the Christmas tree and the lights fill you with immense festivity during the Christmas.

The entirely different way of celebrating the Christmas festival will give you new found happiness which you may not have experienced before. If you are staying at the Shaftesbury hotel Hyde park international which is among the hotels with parking in London, you can easily reach the venue by a taxi. Being a tourist, in London, you must visit the Christmas celebration in Victorian London, which is one of its kind. London has always been the tourists’ choice when it comes to celebration of festivals and important events.

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