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Do You Make These Simple Mistakes in Boutique Hotels London UK?

It’s fascinating how many common mistakes people make when staying in a hotel, whether that’s one of the boutique hotels in London, UK or a bed and breakfast in the middle of the Welsh countryside!  How many of these simple mistakes are you guilty of?

1. Forgetting your room number

It’s true that with mobile numbers, pin numbers and so on, we have more numbers to remember in our lives than ever before but forgetting your hotel room number is still one of the most common mistakes people make.  We would suggest writing it down to avoid confusion and/or embarrassment!

2. Missing out on special treatment

If you are booking a break in a hotel to celebrate a milestone anniversary or a big birthday then let hotel know in advance the reason for your trip.  Hotels like to go out of their way to make your trip extra-special and you never know, you might get yourself a free upgrade in the hope that you will tell friends and family.

3. Not asking for assistance

If you are new to London then don’t be afraid to ask for help from the hotel staff.  If the hotel has a concierge service then it falls into their remit to assist guests with restaurant recommendations, suggestions of attractions and so on.  Even if it isn’t, the majority of people will be only too happy to help you.  Just remember, if in doubt, ask!

4. Not tipping the maid

If you are staying for a number of nights in a hotel then at some point your room will be turned down by a housekeeping service.  Unfortunately for the maids, because they are less visible than other members of staff they often don’t receive a tip for their hard work.  If you wish to leave a tip for housekeeping, place money on or underneath your pillow so housekeeping know it is for them.

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