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Designer Necklaces – How to Choose the Right Length

The world of jewellery presents a myriad of wonderful possibilities for you to choose between. Silver or gold? Yellow gold or rose gold? Stacked rings or statement gold vermeil ring? Anklet or bracelet? Choker or pendant? And, when it comes to necklaces, how can you decide the right length? Particularly when splashing out on a luxurious designer necklace, you need to ensure the length works with your ensemble.

Your choice of neckline

If you already have your outfit in mind and need to purchase a necklace specifically, that will play a large factor in deciding on the chain’s length. Think about the neckline, and follow our simple style guide:

  • Turtleneck: Suits a longer chain so that the necklace jewel is easily visible. Chunky or slender pendants will work equally.
  • V-neck: Style a v-neck with a chain which nestles within the perimeters of the neckline. It should not touch the fabric, or leave too much space between the jewel and the intersection.
  • Strapless: Opt for a choker. Depending on your dress and the occasion, this could either be encrusted with jewels or be a simple thin chain
  • Scoop: A scooped neckline is traditionally femine and will lend itself to a delicate pendant necklace with a subtle jewel.
Pro tip: Whenever possible, wear the intended neckline when trying on jewellery.

Assess your face shape

Let your face shape help you find the perfect length for your new necklace.

  • Round: Choose a longer pendant which adds length to your face and accentuates your soft features.
  • Square: To soften your angles, opt for a shorter necklace or even a choker.
  • Oval: Lucky you; you wear any length necklace! The trick is to keep the design in proportion.
  • Heart-shaped: Opt for a medium to short chain. A necklace with a jewel that rests below your throat will soften your chin

Pro-tip: Sweep your face off your face when trying on different necklaces for a more accurate opinion.

Consider your body type

In addition to your face shape, even your body type can help determine the best length necklace for you!

  • Athletic: A sporty figure will find that most necklace lengths suit your shape, but longer necklaces that hang almost to your naval will look particularly flattering.
  • Hourglass: Those with an hourglass shape will discover that a shorter necklace which rests on your chest will accentuate your curves perfectly.
  • Pear-shaped: If your body is smaller on top than it is at the bottom, choose a shorter length necklace which balances out your upper body.
  • Triangular: The counterpart to the pear-shaped body! If you have wider shoulders and a slender waist and hips, a long chain necklaces will emphasise the smallest part of your body.

Pro tip: You could ask a friend (or your jeweller) to take photos of you trying various necklaces and then compare the images before you make your decision.

And that’s your guide to choosing the ideal necklace length for your neckline, face shape and body type. Now, the real fun can begin!


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