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Covent Garden Hit List

There are a host of wonderful things to do in the roundly stunning district of fabulous Coven Garden, making it an ideal place to soak up the atmosphere and get a real flavour of the stunning city of London. Boasting an assortment of brilliant places to visit and so much character it needs to be on your London list.

Covent Garden is probably best enjoyed by simply wandering around the area and making the most of the brilliant atmosphere the neighbourhood boasts – plus you’re sure to stumble on some great places to stop in for a cuppa or a pint, or find a cute little idiosyncratic store to pick up some interesting items.

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Covent Garden

Offering a decidedly picturesque location, the pretty cobblestones of the square of Covent Garden  make for a somewhat stunning setting, allowing you the perfect location to kick back and enjoy the atmosphere.

The pretty piazza at the centre of the neighbourhood is a truly ideal setting to make the most of your first taste of Covent Garden with a host of action and bags of atmosphere. This brilliant piazza allows you to enjoy some fantastic free entertainment courtesy of the manifest street performers before allowing you to step inside the Market Building to sample some of the delicious street food and make the most of the craft stalls.


Covent Garden is well-known for being one of the main shopping destinations in the city, offering a hub of amazing shops and store. The brilliant shops in the area line all the sides of the pretty piazza and feature a world of different things to buy and different brands such as an Apple store, a TopShop and Fred Perry.

If you’re interested in some more independent offering try the north of the piazza, where you’ll find Floral Street, with some excellent independent boutiques, some cute and quirky clothes shops and a whole lot more.


This area makes for a truly fantastic base for tourists looking to stay at the heart of the city as the area offers such a great range of accommodation with a little something no matter what you’re looking for on your trip.

Make the most of the brilliant hotels in baker street if you’re looking for somewhere central, stylish and sophisticated.

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