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Central location for visits to West Point and Hyde Park

Tourists from all across the world have London as their dream destination. The city has a rich history which is manifested by the monuments and heritage sites which are spread all across London. These medieval and Victorian monuments and structures showcase a splendid architecture which exude royalty and elegance. Most of these monuments were built and used by Royal families of United Kingdom. Many of them have become historical sites but few are still being used for residential purposes by Royal families. The most prominent among these are Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster and Kensington Palace. There are other historical structures like London Bridge, Big Ben and London Tower which are popular landmarks of London.

If you plan to visit both Hyde Park and West points in London, it is recommended that you stay close to Hyde Park. Both the places are around 40 miles apart and if you wish to pass through the walkway and see it over Hudson, a more practical choice will be to stay near Highland where you can find fairly good hotels. However, if wish to give priority to Hyde Park as there are several other places to visit near it, you must go for one of the hotels near Hyde Park.

The attractions of London have no bounds and the city offers diverse options of tourists’ attractions to choose from. If you are staying at Hyde Park, you are naturally close to many of the attractions. The public transport facility is quite easily available from this line. Piccadilly line passes from Central London and is served by several London Underground stations like Hyde Park Corner Tube station, Marble Arch and Queens Way. South Kensington, a district noted for a large number of museums also make for a definite visit. Some of the most famous museums like Royal Albert Museum and History Museum are located here and are indeed worth the visit. Hyde Park, Green Park, Regents Park are some of the parks where you can spend quality time and enjoy cycling.

Most of the tourists, specially ladies have shopping on the top of their to-do list when they come to London. There are many markets spread across various places in the city which offer traditional as well as branded stuffs. Some of the areas famous for shopping are Oxford Street, Portobello Market, Westfield, Carnaby Street and many more. London offers a great opportunity for shoppers who love to shop till they drop. The city is also a paradise for foodies as many of the restaurants are located near these shopping areas and the visitors can have a hearty meal.

If you have booked your accommodation in one of the hotel near Hyde Park in central London, you are conveniently close to most of the attractions of London as well as to all the other parts of the city as Paddington London underground station is quite nearby.

  • London is truly a city which has many surprises up the sleeve which are     presented every time you visit the city.
  • The city has struck an amazing balance between tradition and modern advances.
  • Where there are London bridge, Tower of London, Westminster as epitome of     culture and tradition, there are London Eye, London Underground, cable car service, etc.

Accommodation in London near Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest park in London and is one of the Royal Parks of London. Located in central London is a preferred location for booking an accommodation. Not only is Hyde Park a great location because of its beauty, it also enjoys close proximity with other attraction and great connectivity with other major places in London. There are many hotels near Hyde Park which will not only offer superb accommodation with exceptional services and quality but will also ensure that your stay at the hotel is replete with all the comfort and luxury.

  • These   hotels have all the facilities that can be availed to make your celebration even more special.
  • The proximity of the hotels near Hyde Park with other attractions make your trip even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Enjoying a day in London

You can start you day in London by having a sumptuous English breakfast which will give you the much needed energy which will be required in exploring the entire city. You can have breakfast at any of the eateries that can be found all over the place. After having the breakfast, when you are good to go, you can start by taking the tube from London Paddington to West End where you will find Bayswater, Hyde park, Queen’s Park, Buckingham Palace and such destination.

The afternoon can be made more exciting by visiting a traditional British pub and ordering your favourite drink. After refuelling yourself, the next destination for you can be The Big Ben, The London Bridge, The London Tower and The London eye. Most of the pubs and restaurants mention what they offer the best. As a tourist, experimenting with everything on the go is your right and you must order what the restaurants have to offer. There is love in the city all around and if you are with your beloved, the charm of the trip will be doubled.

London never disappoint anyone as it has plenty of things to offers and activities to indulge the tourists in. The best and fasted means of transport and communication in London is tube as it is not affected by traffic. The tourists must use them for roaming around in London. It is advisable to have a look at all the metro lines and get an idea about the different lines. These lines are denoted by different colours and therefore it is easy to memorise which line to take to visit a particular area of the city. Hyde Park is one of the most preferred area for booking an accommodation. Hotels near Hyde Park are ideal for both business travellers and regular tourists. Visit for information on accommodation near Hyde Park.

Summary: Get soaked in the beauty of the city which is truly the dream of every tourist. With so many attraction coupled with great infrastructure and transport facilities, London is a truly magical city.

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