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A Sneak Peek into London’s Art Theatre

When a person is on the lookout for some good theatre to keep himself or herself entertained while he or she is in London, it can be said that it would be well worth his or her while to head in the direction of Great Newport Street. This is because of the fact that there is a theatre which is known by the name of the Art Theatre which is located on this street. The street is in the area of Westminster, which is also very well known by virtue of Westminster Abbey being located not far away, by any measure.

The theatre is quite historic, construction work finished even before the First World War, in the year 1913. Just like the case is with the Globe Theatre and quite a few other venues for theatrical performances, it has been a place which has hosted work which was composed by William Shakespeare, the best playwright in all.

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The history of the Art Theatre is significant as it was opened way back in the year 1927 in the form of a club that was only open to members and not to the general public at large.  This was because the plays which were performed at this venue were not of the licensed sort and had the entry to the theatre been open to all and sundry, it would have been the subject of censorship by Lord Chamberlain’s office.

The shows which are currently being performed at the Art Theatre happen to be American Idiot, Murder Ballad as well as I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. American Idiot is stage musical which first appeared on Broadway in New York and has received such good reviews that it has found its way across the Atlantic Ocean to London. After all, it can be said that this was inevitable.

 The music of the play was composed by the band Green Day, which is fairly well known across the world. Not only does the show feature songs from the Green Day album of the same name, but also from the following album, that is, 21st Century Breakdown. The play has one multiple awards. One of these awards was for Christine Jones and was one of the plays which was nominated for the Best Musical, back in the year 2010.

In the year 2014, there was a shuffle when it came to the management personnel at the theatre due to the fact that there was a takeover by JJ Goodman. In the form that it is today, the theatre is known to be the smallest receiving house which is located in the West End of London. While there are quite a lot of places in London where one can go and walk into a hall and watch theatre, only a few places can be said that to be as unique as the Arts Theatre and this is one of the many things that makes a visit that the theatre all the more special for a person who is paying it a visit.

All in all, it can be said that if a person happens to somehow have a bit of time free in his or her schedule for the time he or she is to be spending in the capital city, he or she surely go right ahead and pay a visit to the Art Theatre and catch a great show which would make him or her come back to this pretty unique venue. If he or she does not happen to see a free spot on his or her scheduled, it can be said that it is well worth making one just to go to the theatre. The cause of this is that though there may be a large amount of attractions in London, but few of these attractions can be said to be so different from the rest than the Arts Theatre.

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